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California Sunrise
August 31, 2009

A lot of people don’t wake up early enough to catch it these days. Those that do never pay attention. I think it’s an awesome sight.

sunriseTime to start my day.

Trestles Night Surf
August 31, 2009

Daniel, Ian, Jason, Mitch and I went for a late sesh tonight. It was Daniel’s first time surfing so he was privileged to go to Trestles for it. It was super small but really fun. Oh yeah I took my dad’s 135mm lens today. It’s a weird focal length but it fun to try to compose the shot.

washedoutRetro style pic.

trestles side trainTrain pass.

shredderThis guy was shredding today due to his medium sized longboard. He has this retro style with his feet super close together.

nightmitchMitch emerging from the darkness after a wicked last ride.

trestles night wavesWeird little arrow thingy in the background.

trestles_lotThis was a rare site; Ian’s car was pretty much the only one  parked at the Trestles lot.

Quiver Update
August 31, 2009

Here’s everything in my quiver at the mo. I think I’m going to shape one more board then I’m done before I go back to England.

Last summer a guy at the Frog House asked me if I was only looking for blue boards. The answer still is yes. (4’6 Stub, 5’6 Peanut Alaia, 5’6.5 Thruster, 5’8 Single Fin, 7’0 Hullish, Enuff Skateboard, Mini board)

Epic Waves At Trestles
August 30, 2009

The conditions were sooo good at Trestles last night. Perfect A frame waves. A few barrels here and there but it was epic.

Taken with my 3 year old cellphone from the parking lot. It looked like a Lion King sunset, except with cars, palm trees, streetlights, streets ,etc.

Big Boy Test at Trestles
August 29, 2009

I didn’t wake up when Mitch called me at 5am yesterday but we managed to go today to Trestles. I actually finished making the board on the parking lot. I wasn’t happy the leash plug hole so I redrilled a hole, got it filled with resin, let it cure on the ride down and drilled the final leash hole on the lot. Since I have short arms, carrying the 23 inch wide board to Trestles was a mission. The thing catches waves so easily and it just glides. So stoked. David took all these pictures. What a legend.


Sickk bra.

legendI didn’t see this guy out there but David clearly did. What a legend.

mitchlayback1Layback one.

mitchalybackLayback two.




mitchhandbarrelMitch’s hand getting pitted.

mitch2Mitch’s air sequence: 1)Eyeing the ramp.

mitch32)About to launch.


mitch54)Eyeballing the landing.

mitchonbigboyMitch having a go on big boy.

vansshoesMy vans watched Mitch and me surf the whole time.


Check out the whole Construction Process of the Big Boy:
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Almost Finished

Good Bye Girl
August 28, 2009

My friend Kailee left to go to school yesterday morning. I got up at like 5AM, headed over to her place at 6AM and this is the shot I got walking out of my front door.


You get the best lighting during sunset or sunrise yeah?

Displacement Hulls
August 27, 2009

I know my board isn’t a legit hull but I can’t wait to surf it.

Hulltastic Video

David Lanham: My Goal
August 27, 2009

I’ve posted about a few artists but this guy is probably my current favorite. David Lanham is a hero. I was so blown away when I looked through his sketches. He is a true artiste.


Love the subtle background creatures.

Picture 24Epic yeah?

Polystyrene aka Styrofoam is a great Canvas
August 27, 2009

For ballpoint pen that is. I was getting tired of loosing track of which cup was mine at my work so today I decided to label mine. That rollerball just glides on the styro surface. Maybe I should think about shaping an epoxy board so I can do a drawing on the foam blank once it’s shaped.

Sco Surf Styrofoam Cup
My inish.

Almost Finished
August 26, 2009

Today I went to Mitch’s to sand my board. So close to being finished. Hopefully I’ll ride it Friday morning.

sco surf surfboard noseDown the deck.

surfboard basic shapeA little more rocker than I wanted but it’s all good.

true ames surfboard finI put Kelly’s fin in just to see what the board would look like with one.

true ames california surfboard finsIt looks pretty good in that box.

surfboardrailsThin knifyish rails all the way through.

surfboard deck view noseWhat a short person might see after paddling for a few miles.

suitrackMitch made a hanging rack for wetsuits with a bucket under it. Quite genius it is.