Surfboard Construction: Glassing(2 6oz. on top)

Today I finished glassing my board minus the hot coats I have to do tomorrow. I’m getting better at glassing and not letting all the resin on the floor so kudos to me. Here are some picks from the process:

bottomtopAfter the first top coat.

surfhorseLots of different coloured beads of resin reside on the corner of the thing that hold a surfboard when shaping/glassing.

toplapI think this is after the 2nd top coat. Not sure…

boardoutMitch waiting for the leash loop hole to dry.

knackeredApparently somebody threw a wallet at his face and it knocked him out.

walletsleepEvidence 1A.

vansIf you look up the word classic or awesome in the dictionary, you’ll see these things. I swear by them.

resinshoeShaper’s/Glasser’s shoe bottoms look somewhat like this.(if you work in a garage)

resincontainerUnused UV catalysted resin bubbling in the sun.

resincellResin goes everywhere.

skinresinIt’s time like these that make me happy that my asian hairlessness makes it less painful when ripping resin off my skin.

glassingmattYou better have an awesome matt when you glass because you’re floor is gonna get messssed up.

toplapsI  lied, the picture before of the bottom was just the first coat. This one is the 2nd coat curing.

skatedelorianNo clue why the clock was on Mitch’s board but now it’s a time machine.

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