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Crossing the Pond and Now
September 30, 2009

Just got back in Falmouth. Time to start blogging again. Got loads of pics for you people!

September 26, 2009

After buying the gato fin for Alex at Thalia, I’ve become really stoked on making a fin. Hopefully the shaping place in Kernow will allow me to steal some fiberglass and resin.

Gato Heroi Fin Surfing Thalia Surf Shop Laguna Beach California Scosurf Sco SurfFins look so much cooler when they aren’t polished.

This World is Warped
September 23, 2009

I got a pair of back up glasses today. Frame+lens for $99. Can’t really beat that. It’s weird because now because the lens is round it seems like I’m viewing the world through a fisheye lens.

four-eyesThey haven’t called me four eyes since freshman year.

Michael Delahaut
September 22, 2009

This guy is the master of icons; At least when they come in little squares in grid format.


Wacom Is Awesome
September 21, 2009

Stevo got me a Wacom pad from his work. Sickest thing ever.

Wacom BambooUnfortunately my camera doesn’t take SDHC cards.

Wacom Bamboo UnboxingUnboxing.

Wacom Bamboo AwesomeGnar in a black slab.

Wacom Bamboo Scosurf Sco SurfFirst Doodle.

Sandals: To Buy Or Not To Buy
September 21, 2009

Can’t forget my trusty skate shoes or Woodbridge Bag.

scosurf sco surf packing5 more tees.

Packing Update
September 21, 2009

Added a few art books, an essential box of Lucky Charms, wires, hats, a lot more to come.

sco surf scosurf packupgradeI wonder if this will all fit into a bag that meets the Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance.

Pack To Go Back
September 21, 2009

I’ve started packing to go back across the Atlantic pond.


Gato Heroi Fin for A dollar.

September 19, 2009

I received another Threadless tee in the mail. This one I purchased because I had a $5 gift certificate, $1.50 from street points, and it was fairly imaginative. It’s called Deep Tree Dive and it was designed by Terry Fan.


Pretty cutting edge concept. P.S. This photo is not “cross processed”. Maybe I’ll stop.

SC to OC via CA-1
September 19, 2009

Mitch and I made the trek from Santa Cruz back to Irvine. Before we left we had a terrible sesh at Steamers. Mitch decided to take PCH for the first leg of the journey. The scenic route was definitely worth it.

Santa Cruz Surf Museum Steamer Lane CaliforniaSurf Museum at The Lane.

Steamer Lane Santa Cruz Swell SurfCrooked swell.

firststopThis was our first pit stop on CA-1.

peninsulaThe Pacific coastline offers a lot of random things. I’m sure they’re there for legit reasons but let’s not go there. Here’s a random peninsula.

righthanderThat right looks alright.

mitchmeCars make great tripods.

treesThey look more like trees you’d see in Africa.

cowRandom cow.

coastgalleryWe stopped by this gallery with weird knick knacks. It was like a section of Laguna Beach stuck in a random spot in central California.

bridgeRandom bridge.

randomtreesRandom trees overlooking the sea.

seagullviewSeagulls appreciate beauty just like humans.

straightawayThe first straight away in a very long time.

fogbushFog taking control of a few trees.

outthefogDriving out of the fog.

sunnyfogFog on one side, sun on the other. Perfect harmony.

nighttimedriveDriving into the night.

peaceoutsunPeace out sun!