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More Wacom Bamboo Waves
October 31, 2009

We drew these while the lappy t was hooked up to the big screen.

ben_wacom scosurfHere’s the set up.

Ben's-2nd-Wave_scosurfHere’s Ben’s second Wacom wave.

James-Wave_scosurfMy version of a perfect wave. I’d probably prefer if it was a right so mirror this image in your head.

Holiday Spirit
October 31, 2009

Since it’s Holloween, Ben carved an App-O-Lantern.

apple-lantern scosurfThat is one mean apple.

Wacom Pad Fun
October 31, 2009

Ben, His mum, and I had a go on my Wacom Pad before Ben and I went for surf.

steamed-window scosurfI took this picture of  the steamed bathroom mirror while Ben was Wacoming.

wacom-pad scosurfBen drawing an A Frame.

white-flower scosurfThis cool off centered white vase was on their window sill.

BENJI_WAVE_scosurfHere’s Benji’s drawing.

Benji-Snap_scosurfHere’s my retro surfer guy, riding without a leash or any wax because he’s that good.

diane-wilson_scosurfHere’s what Ben’s mum drew.

Uneventful Day At Pporth
October 31, 2009

Ben, Joe and I went to Perranporth today. It looked alright from the cliffs and it actually was alright. Joe and I were barely getting waves because of the odd way the wave broke. Right when it seemed like it was going to throw over, the wave would just flatten out. By the end of the seshuan we were having some decent rides.

perranporth-swell-lines scosurfSwell lines.

the-stub-at-perranporth scosurf

I’ve been incredibly lucku with this thing for all my Cornish seshes on it. I’ve only lost it once where it went all the way to the beach, and that was right before we were about to leave. All the other times, either the wind blew it towards the line up or it drifted into my friends’ hands or when I did lose it, I was able to grab it before the next set came.

Epic Stub Sesh at Towan
October 29, 2009

Took out my stubbie for a second Cornish time. Keith drove me to Porthtowan, Alex got there shortly after us. From the beach it looked like the waves were breaking super fast but when you got out there it was actually uber fun.

stub towan sco surf porthtowanRight or left?

wave in the sky sco surfCheck out that wave in the sky.

Dinner with Some Tutors
October 28, 2009

The sportswear kids had dinner with Patches O Houlihan and his wife Jane. They have an epic house with cool knick knacks.

lightballs scosurfSome light balls that I first though were a bunch of tennis balls tied together.

candles scosurfAll trendy houses must have cool candle holders.

buddah scosurfThey have a bunch of buddahs all around their house.

decapitated scosurfThey actually decapitated one and it’s on display so you see it as soon as you come it. Pretty grim.

Perranporth Stub Sesh
October 28, 2009

So Ben was getting super bored after not surfing for 3 days due to a leg injury caused by surfing, so we went to Perranporth. I was going to wait till the weekend to try the Stub but ended up taking it and it was the funnest sesh I’ve had in a while. The waves were actually glassy and barrely. Sooo good.

perranporth scosurfHere’s a screen cap from a video I shot with the Flip.

Stub No Longer On Hiatus
October 28, 2009

Since it’s been about a week since the fin repair sesh, I think I’ll take my good old Stub to Cornish waters this weekend.

stub-rewax scosurfThe “Cross Processing” can take a break.

Godrevy Round Two
October 28, 2009

Keith and I seshed Godrevy this morning.

godrevy-carpark scosurfingThe waves weren’t as good as yesterday but it was still fun. If any of the Godrevy regulars: You know what happened to the last guy that dropped in on me?

single-fin scosurf thalia street surf shop sticker laguna beachQuick Tip: If you apply a vinyl sticker to your board, do wait the 48 hours before you hit the water.

Godrevy Sesh with Aside
October 28, 2009

Alex, Ross and I seshed Godrevy yesterday. It looks pretty good out when we got there.

single-fin scosurfMy single fin hopped along for the ride.

aside-studio scosurfAlex and Rossco from A-Side Studio.

restricted-zone scosurf godrevyApparently you’re not allowed to: Caption Contest!

down-the-line scosurf godrevyLooking down towards the River Mouth.

alex-aside-van scosurf godrevyStaying cozy in the batmobile.

lighthouse scosurf godrevyThe house of light.

big-wave scosurf godrevyAlex checking out the epic ripples.

bird-aerial scosurf godrevyA bird doing a frontside air reverse.

alex-aside scosurf godrevyPeeling. Taken by Alex.