A Tale of Two Boards

One was recycled. One was revamped.  The stories intertwine.

cutting scosurfCutting a deck out of an existing old deck. It’s the green way.

belt-sanding scosurfBelt sanders rule.

spraying- blue scosurfElectric blue spray jobbie.

drying-blues scosurfDrying the spray.

blue-board scosurf Blue board.

stripe-prepping scosurfPrepping for a stripe jobbie.

prep-stripe scosurf

Masking it off.white- line scosurfLet it rain white.

dry-two scosurfDry the white.

bottom-peel scosurfStripping it back.

top-peel scosurfDemasking the top.

white-stripes scosurfClean.

red-lined scosurfTranslucent red line added for a subtle touch of class.

rail-tape scosurfReleasing the rail tape.

TA scosurfRep it like TA.

old-and-new scosurfComparing the first skateboard deck he made with his recycled one.

sprayed scosurfLacquered.

spray-table scosurfThe spray table.

finished-deck scosurfStickered up.

team-work scosurfTeamwork to get the trucks off another set up.

advertisement scosurfA little advertisement.

skateboard_fin scosurfBoard One Fin.

taping-tape scosurfJoe prepping a spray.

taping scosurfTaping OCD.

tape-peeler scosurfWhite spray jobbie.

corrupted-line scosurfCorrupted black line.

drying-line scosurfDrying a fresh line.

stoked-longboard scosurfTo be contuvered.

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