What’s it all about?

Sco Surfing What's It All About

The word sco! is short for let’s go! It ‘s the radical phrase by an awesome character named Dale Gribble from King of the Hill. To me it’s about life. Being spontaneous and just being up for almost anything. It’s not necessarily about being impatient but a lot of the times, when I’m in my friends living room, getting ready for a surf sesh I’d just yell SCO! SCO! SCO!

I am a kid from southern California studying sportswear design in Falmouth, England. Lots of things make my mind tick. Hopefully this blog will motivate me to take more pictures every day to share with whoever is willing to see my perspective. So stumble around and enjoy!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at: scosurf@gmail.com

(Photo Taken By Yama Nawabi)


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