Quiver Update
August 31, 2009

Here’s everything in my quiver at the mo. I think I’m going to shape one more board then I’m done before I go back to England.

Last summer a guy at the Frog House asked me if I was only looking for blue boards. The answer still is yes. (4’6 Stub, 5’6 Peanut Alaia, 5’6.5 Thruster, 5’8 Single Fin, 7’0 Hullish, Enuff Skateboard, Mini board)

San O test.
July 27, 2009

So the big swell hit so cal on Friday and it’s still here.

On Saturday Mitch, Kelly and I went to San O. Kelly was out since she got hit by Mitch’s Chuck Dent funboard. I wonder why his last name is Dent? Anyways I was stoked to try out my Alaia for the first time. As soon As I got in the water, I found that the board had no buoyancy  which I kinda expected. I hopped on the board to start paddling and then I was like, how did the Hawaiians do it back in the day? I started paddling forward and the board started to come out of the water and I was actually doing fine. It’s kind of like normal swimming with some resistance against the chest. Some whitewater started to approach and I figured I can just duck dive them like a normal surfboard. I did and the thing duck dives like no other. Since there’s no float and it’s so thin, it’s pretty much the easiest thing to do when on an Alaia. I finally got out back and sat on the board. I was up to my neck in water, which I already knew would happen since Mitch tested his Alaia out earlier in the week. I tried to catch a few waves but it just didn’t happen. My conclusion was that Alaias work better on wave steeper than San O. Oh yeah the wax(paraffin wax that I rubbed into the board to make it water proof) just flaked off. I realized that while I was out there the board’s float kept decreasing. I ended up going in and taking out my single fin.


Here’s Mitch checking out the happenings.

Alaia Building Continued
July 21, 2009

Here’s more pics of our construction:



Jumping On the Alaia Wagon
July 17, 2009

These days everybody is riding or making an Alaia so Mitch and I are gonna give it a go! Got the pine from Home Depot, made the templates on Illustrator, let the fun begin!




DSC_7810Tomorrow we’ll cut the boards out after our sesh, then I’m off to Vegas for the weekend.