December 5, 2009

Me trying to be Andy Davis.

A little illustration promoting the all mighty Stub.

Not many surfers raise a hand when gliding along…

One and a half top turns.

November 27, 2009

Today I was one of the mentors helping some prospective students through tasters day which is pretty much where a kid experiences everything{almost everything} in one afternoon. I was pretty stoked since I’ve never “taught” more than maybe two people at a time. Hopefully everybody had some fun and will strongly consider joining the Falmouth Sportswear Department.

All the groups had to pick a muse to base their designs off. My group chose Lady Gaga. Long story short: Lady Gaga is in the secret service{ergo she wears sunnies all the time} and she went to the Queen’s garden party to protect her majesty from any ninja assassins. The dress we designed would theoretically be made completely out of bulletproof kevlar.

After finishing off the taster day I headed over to Aside to chill out and look through their library. Here’s a reflection of Ross’s screen while he checks the surf forecast for this weekend.

First Sco Toy Now Available {free!}
November 26, 2009

If you’re bored, why not have a go at a Sco Toy? Since the holidays are coming up, you might want to make a few for your beloved friend and family.

Instructions: Click the image above, drag it to your desktop.

What you need: Computer•Picture Printing Software•Printer•Ink•Paper•Scissors•Glue or Tape•Enthusiasm

Make sure your printer has ink and paper. Print it(open it in photoshop or whatever program you use for printing out pictures).

Let the freshly printed flat dry for a few seconds.

Make sure you have all your tools in front of you.

Cut out the Sco Toy{Personalize Sco Monster by drawing mustaches, unibrows, watches, tattoos etc on it before cutting}

Freshly cut.

Fold it at the dotted lines+straight black lines+the bit between the bottom of the feet and the side view of the feet.

Freshly folded.

Use a bit of tape.

Roll up the tape and seal the white trapezoids together.

Or if tape’s not your thing you can use glue{my second grade teacher told us,”a little dabbledoya”}.

If your using glue, you might want to use a pencil or something in it’s weight caliber to keep the flaps from coming undone while the glue dries.

Display Sco Monster proudly. Play with it. Sleep with it. Etc etc…

Close Up
November 26, 2009

When you’re working super close up in Illustrator, sometimes what you see then can be a piece of art in itself.

Here’s a zoomed in view of the printable sco toy in progress.

November 21, 2009

So I started painting a few sco ish things on some A4 sheets.

The set up.

A few drying on the floor.

Here’s one of the sco men.

A faint sco wave.

Sco script followed by the name.

The first sco man I painted.

Here’s the first water coloured sco man.

Representing Deep Blue Sack Dot Com.

My life consists of wanting a stache, photography, skateboarding, A4 paper, wooden tables, and white walls.

I practice cursive secretly in my spare time.

Sco man water colour with script below.

Sco man in a natural environment doing nothing but standing in place to lower his carbon footprint count.

Not Quite Black and White
November 21, 2009

So I was going to post a bunch of BW’s on here but as I was photoshopping I thought, why not try to “cross process” a black and white picture? Here are the results:

Today we went to the Shed to celebrate Mette’s birthday which was about two months ago. I gave her a scostache for her prez. She loved it.

Hazel having some fun.

Tom eyeing is drink.

Awesome light at the shed.

I now know that basecoat does do what I denied it would do. Oh yeah I’m not longer in the Shed. {I got the peace sign idea from Mr. Kopatz}

A third of my cornish skateboard quiver.

November 20, 2009

I changed the grip up a bit so why not the whole thing?

Started off by covering the enuff logo.

Back in black.

Covered the yellow on top too. It looks a bit like alex from aside’s deck except with blue instead of green bits.

I’m pretty stoked with the result.

Pop Up Flash Ain’t So Bad
November 19, 2009

It might not make a “professional” picture but what is a professional picture anyways? I got my package from the boys at Toobbox. The contents were the following plus an XXXXL heartogram tshirt.

Here’s the envelope. Pretty crazy that they spent 12.95 to send me the merch.

Some griptape.


No they didn’t send me paint, but I do want to start painting.

November 17, 2009

A few things happened today: I left the Wilson house. I learned that there’s a little green dot that appears in the bottom corner of my view finder when something is in focus(At the mo I only use manual lenses).

I did not leave this mess when I left. My life fits in two dakine backpacks.

I scored this robot cut out mdf jobbie in school today. The girl who created it is a legend.