Best Pen Of All Time, All Time
October 20, 2009

At I think it was 70p for a 3 pack, it’s an incredible deal.

Liquidly-Free-Ink-Roller ASDA scosurfing scosurf sco surfLast time I went to ASDA I could find them. So ASDA, if your reading this, please get more in!


Mabe Skate Sesh
October 12, 2009

First time at Mabe. Brought my old school and that didn’t work out too well at the park so I had a go on Ben’s board. It was sicckkk.

panned exposure scosurf sco surfThe way the human body warps in long exposures.

bad aim scosurf sco surfI should use the viewfinder more often.

open wound scosurf sco surfGotta get a few shots of reopened scabs in this blog.

elbow vertical scosurf sco surfHere’s another one.

sco skateboard scosurf sco surfPhil busting an old school air on my old school sco board.

full commit scosurf sco surfEndy has full commitment.

elbow hurt scosurf sco surfPhil going crazy about his renewed battle wound.

5 seconds exposure scosurf sco surfA five second exposure of a skateboarder.

green light scosurf sco surfWhenever you see a green flash right before the sun goes down, it means a soul has come back from the dead. In this case it just means there’s an Asda near the skatepark.