Epic Stub Sesh at Towan
October 29, 2009

Took out my stubbie for a second Cornish time. Keith drove me to Porthtowan, Alex got there shortly after us. From the beach it looked like the waves were breaking super fast but when you got out there it was actually uber fun.

stub towan sco surf porthtowanRight or left?

wave in the sky sco surfCheck out that wave in the sky.

Godrevy Sesh with Aside
October 28, 2009

Alex, Ross and I seshed Godrevy yesterday. It looks pretty good out when we got there.

single-fin scosurfMy single fin hopped along for the ride.

aside-studio scosurfAlex and Rossco from A-Side Studio.

restricted-zone scosurf godrevyApparently you’re not allowed to: Caption Contest!

down-the-line scosurf godrevyLooking down towards the River Mouth.

alex-aside-van scosurf godrevyStaying cozy in the batmobile.

lighthouse scosurf godrevyThe house of light.

big-wave scosurf godrevyAlex checking out the epic ripples.

bird-aerial scosurf godrevyA bird doing a frontside air reverse.

alex-aside scosurf godrevyPeeling. Taken by Alex.

Blocked View
September 8, 2009

There’s always something obstructing the way on labor day.
Coca Cola Can Hands

Headrest Obstruction I.

Laguna Beach HousesHair+Headrest Obstruction II.

Laguna Beach ReflectionCar Pillar Obstruction.

34th Street Newport Beach
September 7, 2009

This week I surfed 34th Street for the first time. It’s a pretty chill place. Small little waves roll through and they are ace for longboarding on. Dylan and TJ introduced me to this spot. Mitch and I came back to the spot with Matt and we had a wicked time shredding ankle biters.

34th street Newport Beach California Sco SurfLess parking than 56st+.

Newport Beach California Sco SurfThis street takes us to 34th.

San Onofre Surf Park
August 23, 2009

Today we ended up going to San O after we worked on our boards. It was pretty slack but we got some alright rides.


scoboardMy cornish babe courtesy of Keith from Freeriders Surf Shop.

sanocrossedMitch standing on the hood of a Mercedes.

boardpointofviewThe board point of view on the drive home.

San O test.
July 27, 2009

So the big swell hit so cal on Friday and it’s still here.

On Saturday Mitch, Kelly and I went to San O. Kelly was out since she got hit by Mitch’s Chuck Dent funboard. I wonder why his last name is Dent? Anyways I was stoked to try out my Alaia for the first time. As soon As I got in the water, I found that the board had no buoyancy  which I kinda expected. I hopped on the board to start paddling and then I was like, how did the Hawaiians do it back in the day? I started paddling forward and the board started to come out of the water and I was actually doing fine. It’s kind of like normal swimming with some resistance against the chest. Some whitewater started to approach and I figured I can just duck dive them like a normal surfboard. I did and the thing duck dives like no other. Since there’s no float and it’s so thin, it’s pretty much the easiest thing to do when on an Alaia. I finally got out back and sat on the board. I was up to my neck in water, which I already knew would happen since Mitch tested his Alaia out earlier in the week. I tried to catch a few waves but it just didn’t happen. My conclusion was that Alaias work better on wave steeper than San O. Oh yeah the wax(paraffin wax that I rubbed into the board to make it water proof) just flaked off. I realized that while I was out there the board’s float kept decreasing. I ended up going in and taking out my single fin.


Here’s Mitch checking out the happenings.