November 21, 2009

So I started painting a few sco ish things on some A4 sheets.

The set up.

A few drying on the floor.

Here’s one of the sco men.

A faint sco wave.

Sco script followed by the name.

The first sco man I painted.

Here’s the first water coloured sco man.

Representing Deep Blue Sack Dot Com.

My life consists of wanting a stache, photography, skateboarding, A4 paper, wooden tables, and white walls.

I practice cursive secretly in my spare time.

Sco man water colour with script below.

Sco man in a natural environment doing nothing but standing in place to lower his carbon footprint count.

Wave Doodle
October 21, 2009

All surfers doodle perfect waves when they are bored and a pen, pencil, knife etc are in reach.

laced_wave scosurfing scosurf sco surfI drew this one before the summer.

Géraldine Georges
September 4, 2009

Just saw an illustration that Géraldine Georges did on Abduzeedo. His stuff is pretty sweet. He has a lot of illustrations that use shapes that transform in and out of the human face or figure.

Trippy stuff.