October 11, 2009

Had a pretty intense sesh the other day.

jenga box cover scosurf sco surfThis should be on the cover of the new Jenga box.

choosing scosurf sco surfGoing in for the kill.

pull scosurf sco surfSuccess.

high jenga scosurf sco surfIt’s a pretty towering game.

choose scosurf sco surfPick.

commit scosurf sco surfCommitment.

jenga sequence scosurf sco surfSequence shots. Phil lost, Ben won again. He’s undefeated.

setup scosurf sco surf

What happens after a jenga sesh.

dominos sco surf scosurfDominos!

mess scosurf sco surfThe aftermath.


Deck Numero Tres
September 12, 2009

I made another deck today. This time I used poplar wood. It was pretty thick so I planed it down a couple of times. Not the flexiest of boards but it’s made for cruising. This is probably my cleanest board yet.

The default four stripes that rep SCO! Took out the dark blue and replaced it with a light brown.

scoskateboardtwoNot sure how I’m going to grip the top yet.

Hull Template
August 10, 2009

The hands on construction of any surfboard usually starts with making a template. This one is mine.  7 feet long, 23 inches wide, it’s gonna be a sick board.

DSC_9088Board number 3.