SC to OC via CA-1
September 19, 2009

Mitch and I made the trek from Santa Cruz back to Irvine. Before we left we had a terrible sesh at Steamers. Mitch decided to take PCH for the first leg of the journey. The scenic route was definitely worth it.

Santa Cruz Surf Museum Steamer Lane CaliforniaSurf Museum at The Lane.

Steamer Lane Santa Cruz Swell SurfCrooked swell.

firststopThis was our first pit stop on CA-1.

peninsulaThe Pacific coastline offers a lot of random things. I’m sure they’re there for legit reasons but let’s not go there. Here’s a random peninsula.

righthanderThat right looks alright.

mitchmeCars make great tripods.

treesThey look more like trees you’d see in Africa.

cowRandom cow.

coastgalleryWe stopped by this gallery with weird knick knacks. It was like a section of Laguna Beach stuck in a random spot in central California.

bridgeRandom bridge.

randomtreesRandom trees overlooking the sea.

seagullviewSeagulls appreciate beauty just like humans.

straightawayThe first straight away in a very long time.

fogbushFog taking control of a few trees.

outthefogDriving out of the fog.

sunnyfogFog on one side, sun on the other. Perfect harmony.

nighttimedriveDriving into the night.

peaceoutsunPeace out sun!

Aster Blue Can Be The Most Colourful
September 19, 2009

I looked at the shoes in front of Mike and Zack’s house and turns out my blue Vans stood out since the rest of them were either brown or black. I guess your shoes can only be a colour starting with the letter B if you want  to enter the house.

colouredshoesThere’s a hint of yellow on Zack’s Nikes so maybe his count as more colourful.

Trek to Tree 9
September 18, 2009

The gang and I headed up to Tree 9.

journeybeginsMitch catching everything on the video box.

enterEntering the forest.

filmphotogPhotographer+Videographer. Two in one.

fallenbikerMike yelled, “BIKER!”. Said biker flew over his handle bars. He was alright.

forestThe way.

montbayMonterey Bay in the background.

Santa Cruz PanoramaA nifty little stitched pano.

takingshotHis profession.

shottyZack and Mike on their way while Mitch documents.

mitchfieldA football field with a great view to follow.

campusWe are now on campus. Zack in the shade.

UCSC Campus BuildingsThe buildings at UCSC look pretty wicked.

deerImagine seeing this on your way to class. Great excuse to be late to that bio exam.

straplessThe strap on Mitch’s camera was coming undone. He caught it on time.

mikezackhikingsticksMike and Zack choosing their hiking sticks.

legendarytree9Here’s Tree 9. I got half way up.

UCSC Santa Cruz Tree 9 ClimbingMike, Mitch and Zack made it to the top. Hopefully I get over my fear of heights and do it next time.

Steamer Lane aka The Lane aka Perfection
September 17, 2009

Kevin, Mitch, Zack and I surfed Steamer Lane today. It was Mitch and my first time. Probably the best non barreling waves we’ve ever experienced.

Sunny Steamer LaneThe pictures definitely don’t do justice.

Steamer Lane SunsetThe sun is going down but the waves kept coming.

Santa Cruzin
September 16, 2009

Today Mitch and I set off to Santa Cruz to visit Mike and Zack.

5 AM California FreewayWoke up at 5, finished packing the car and got on the road by 5:45ish.

fogoverSome fog rolling over some hills a little past LA.

Open Road To Santa CruzOpen Roads.

open roads to scHours and hours.

rincon wavesThis might be Rincon ish.

longboarderSome surfers.





tunnelinWe tunneled in.

tunneloutWe tunneled out.

ranchyMore ranchy ness.

forestyFinally hit some foliage.

scsign55,717+2 more.

pleasurepointSurfed Pleasure Point. It was pretty epic. Very Kelpy. Saw a sea otter. Caught some sick ripples.

zackZack doing a post surf jam.

guitarbassKevin and Max, Mike and Zack’s housemates, on guitar and or bass.

San Elijo On A Bigger Day
September 15, 2009

Today Mitch and I met up with Kelly in Cardiff and surfed San Elijo. It was a lot bigger(some rolled in a bit overhead) than the last time we went out. It was super fun. Big crowd but people are way more mellow than the folks at San Onofre. Long crumbly waves. Can’t be beat.

Southern California Cloud Light Beams

Rays of light pierced through the gloomy morning.

Crop Rows Southern CaliforniaA crooked crop row shot.

San Elijo Cardiff By The Sea San Diego CaliforniaIt might look a bit closed out but the guys here know how to plow through sections.

Quail Hill Shoe Out
September 13, 2009

Today Danny, David, Jenny, Rachel, Shelby and I went to Quail Hill for a photo shoot slash mini hike.

Quail Hill California
Time to bomb some hills.

Quail Hill Photo Crew
A portion of the crew taking some shots.

Papurt Scat
Danny leaving some scat on the trail.

A cactus patch.

We all had Vans except for Jenny since she’s so much cooler than us.

Horses have their own drinking fountains.


Danny taking charge.

Rachel has Chucks.

Danny has Slip Ons.

Rachel and Shelby used film. True legends they are.

A jogger came by and asked us if one of us lost a lens cap. Jenny did. Papurt got it. He’s a hero.

Some crop shots.

David and Jenny ditched us. Danny and I stood our ground and they eventually reversed. We win.

New Skateboard Deck
September 10, 2009

Thought about making another surfboard. Ended up making a skateboard deck. This is the second time I’ve made a deck with fiberglass. The last time I made one was about four years ago. The skills and techniques I gained from building surfboards definitely sped up the process. I’m extremely happy with the result.

Sco Skateboard Deck TemplateLike  a surfboard, it always starts with a template.

Sco Skateboard Deck BeginningsGotta cut the wood.

Sco Skateboard Sanded RailsThe rails were rounded with a surform planer and sandpaper.

spraystationCardboard boxes are pretty essential for making decks. This is the spray station.

Sco Skateboard White DeckI thought white would look nice under the resin

Sco Skateboard Coloured DeckColours look better on white when you’re going for a retro look.

Sco SkateboardGotta add the sco.

Sco Skateboard Close UpSco close up with some posca trials.

Sco Skateboard Fiberglass CutCut and laid out.

Sco Skateboard Laminating StartMitch was repairing the fins on a board he made while I worked my deck.

Sco Skateboard LaminationMy first lam attempt.

Sco Skateboard SubtleLam failure. I actually like the way it looks.

Sco Skateboard Resin DripHot coat on deck.

Sco Skateboard Lamination ProcessSuccessful lam attempt on the buttom.

Sco Skateboard Top LaminationFinished top lam.

Sco Skateboard Bottom LaminationFinished bottom lam.

I WonderI placed the trucks on the deck to see what the finished board would look like. It looked mint.

Sco Skateboard Grip TapeI stole Matt’s grip that’s been laying in the garage all summer. Cut a slit to show the subtle SCO!

Sco Skateboard FinishedThe finished thing.

Sco Skateboard NowAbout to take a trip. Taken by Stevo.

Sco Skateboard StreetAnd it was pretty sick. Taken by Stevo.

The Art of RetroThe art of retro.

Sco Skateboard CollageHere’s a summary picture.

Blocked View
September 8, 2009

There’s always something obstructing the way on labor day.
Coca Cola Can Hands

Headrest Obstruction I.

Laguna Beach HousesHair+Headrest Obstruction II.

Laguna Beach ReflectionCar Pillar Obstruction.

Labor Day Chill Out
September 8, 2009

Today Amanda, Jenny, Kelly, Kris, Matt, Mitch, Stevo, Zack, and I went to Trestles for a relaxed Labor Day surf. The waves were really small and the onshore wind just killed it BUT we still had a brilliant time. Sure there were a few stubbed toes, broken noses and scraped fins but we had fun and that’s what it’s all about.

Friendly Line Up at Trestles

A very friendly line up.

Water Mark at Trestles CaliforniaWater marking.

Oneill Wetsuit Swallow Tail
I cut my 5 year old Oneill Psycho I in half. Added a swallow tail for some flair. Taken By Mitch.

finscrapeWhile cruising back to shore a rock stopped me abruptly. I thought my fin broke in half. I’m glad it didn’t.

Single Fin Nose DingI don’t even know when this happened…

Group Quiver Sco SurfWe brought quite a few boards over there.

Sco Surf Trestles GroupPost session chill out.

Zoomed In Group Quiver ShotZoomed in.

Pacific Coast Highway CaliforniaJenny, Yama and I ended up taking PCH back home since there was some traffic going north. Always a good route to take.

Hello KittyJenny’s Hello Kitty air freshener makes a great picture at times.

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