Wacom Pad Fun
October 31, 2009

Ben, His mum, and I had a go on my Wacom Pad before Ben and I went for surf.

steamed-window scosurfI took this picture of  the steamed bathroom mirror while Ben was Wacoming.

wacom-pad scosurfBen drawing an A Frame.

white-flower scosurfThis cool off centered white vase was on their window sill.

BENJI_WAVE_scosurfHere’s Benji’s drawing.

Benji-Snap_scosurfHere’s my retro surfer guy, riding without a leash or any wax because he’s that good.

diane-wilson_scosurfHere’s what Ben’s mum drew.

Evergrowing Quiver
September 7, 2009

Today when I went over to Mitch’s to pick up my wetsuit and board I looked in the garage and saw our group quiver. It’s pretty big now. There’s many varieties of surfboards(alaias, longboards, fishes, single fins, wooden boards, thrusters, quads, twinfins, etc). There’s also a huge variety in colour. Pretty mint.

Sco Surf Group QuiverWide shot.

Sco Surf Coloured RailsDifferent ends in different colours.