Deck Numero Tres
September 12, 2009

I made another deck today. This time I used poplar wood. It was pretty thick so I planed it down a couple of times. Not the flexiest of boards but it’s made for cruising. This is probably my cleanest board yet.

The default four stripes that rep SCO! Took out the dark blue and replaced it with a light brown.

scoskateboardtwoNot sure how I’m going to grip the top yet.

Another Deck For Stolen Griptape
September 11, 2009

Since I stole Matt’s griptape yesterday when I was making my skateboard deck, he made me build him a deck. I’m super stoked with the outline and the graphic on the bottom.

Sco Skateboards Front ViewSorry for the blue drips.

Sco Skateboard Back ViewAngular tail.

Sco Skateboard SquaresAwesome colour palette.

Sco Skateboard StokeMatt seems to be pretty stoked with his new board.

Sco Skate Turn One


Sco Skateboard Turn Two


Sco Skateboard Turn Three


Sco Skateboard HandstandMatt show his skills.

Sco Skateboard ChillMy board was just chilling in the grass while all this happened.

Sco Skateboard Station TwoThis cardboard box is where most of the deck construction happened.

Sco Skateboard Station OneSince Mitch started his deck today I moved over to this station.

Surfboard Construction: Day 2
August 13, 2009

I skinned the blank, shaped the board and glassed the bottom. Pretty stoked with the shape, not with the glass job but it’s all good.



Surfboard-Tail-DeckTail Viewed From Top.


Surfboard-Hull-BottomBlended Bottom.

Surf-FiberglassGlassing Time.

Surf-ResinThe start of failure. Taken By Caroline.

Surfboard-LapsGoing low. Taken By Caroline.

Surfboard-GlassingCuring but not really since you need some UV.

Surf-QuiverWelcome to Mitch’s very clean and organized shaping bay.

Hull Construction Begins…
August 11, 2009

Today I finally started to work on the foam. I’m pretty happy with the outline of the board. It’s too late to plane off the crust since it’s 9pm and the electric planer is so loud. I’ll have a go tomorrow.

DSC_9096The blank was 7’9 so I took off 9 inches from the nose and tail combined.

DSC_9101Mitch hiding under my blank.

DSC_9104Laptop set up so I can listen to some shaping muzac.

DSC_9107Flipping foam.

DSC_9111Mowing foam.

DSC_9119The final outline.

DSC_9121The tail.

Hull Template
August 10, 2009

The hands on construction of any surfboard usually starts with making a template. This one is mine.  7 feet long, 23 inches wide, it’s gonna be a sick board.

DSC_9088Board number 3.

Alaia Building Continued
July 21, 2009

Here’s more pics of our construction:



Jumping On the Alaia Wagon
July 17, 2009

These days everybody is riding or making an Alaia so Mitch and I are gonna give it a go! Got the pine from Home Depot, made the templates on Illustrator, let the fun begin!




DSC_7810Tomorrow we’ll cut the boards out after our sesh, then I’m off to Vegas for the weekend.