More Surf Art
December 7, 2009

I can understand why Andy can keep coming up with new stuff.

There’s nothing in the world like getting barreled.

Some longboarding can cure what ails you.

Baking A Sketchbook
November 30, 2009

This is how you combine visual with culinary art:

I was talking to Zack on iChat and as I was on my way to get my camera battery charger, I realized that I totally forgot that I was baking a sketchbook in the oven.

I think the sketchbook was in the oven for the right amount of time.

A 45ish degree angle view.

Bird’s eye view of my current project.

Wacom Pad Fun
October 31, 2009

Ben, His mum, and I had a go on my Wacom Pad before Ben and I went for surf.

steamed-window scosurfI took this picture of  the steamed bathroom mirror while Ben was Wacoming.

wacom-pad scosurfBen drawing an A Frame.

white-flower scosurfThis cool off centered white vase was on their window sill.

BENJI_WAVE_scosurfHere’s Benji’s drawing.

Benji-Snap_scosurfHere’s my retro surfer guy, riding without a leash or any wax because he’s that good.

diane-wilson_scosurfHere’s what Ben’s mum drew.

October 24, 2009

A few new additions to the sprained ankled cast:

microwave_man scosurfing scosurf sco surfMicrowave/TV Man.

surfboard_man scosurfing scosurf sco surfSurfboard Man.

top_hat_man scosurfing scosurf sco surfHairy Top Hat Man

October 21, 2009

Perspective is an important thing to have in life. Without it, we wouldn’t be individuals.

perspective scosurfing scosurf sco surfStevo was telling me how he was learning to draw in perspective in his class so I thought I’d have a go.

Wave Doodle
October 21, 2009

All surfers doodle perfect waves when they are bored and a pen, pencil, knife etc are in reach.

laced_wave scosurfing scosurf sco surfI drew this one before the summer.

Save Money With More A’s
October 20, 2009

Ever since I’ve gotten back into doodling this year, I’ve realized that even if tiny sketchbooks are quite convenient for carrying aboot, it’s nicer to have a bigger canvas to draw in.

two_a6_sketchbooks scosurfing scosurf sco surfTwo A6 sketchbooks are roughly the size of a household spoon.

Best Pen Of All Time, All Time
October 20, 2009

At I think it was 70p for a 3 pack, it’s an incredible deal.

Liquidly-Free-Ink-Roller ASDA scosurfing scosurf sco surfLast time I went to ASDA I could find them. So ASDA, if your reading this, please get more in!

Doodle Battle
October 3, 2009

When I was in London, Mike, one of the kings of FBBB invited me to this doodle event. They’re called Secret Wars. Two teams battle each other by doodling on giant blank boards.

doodleearthThey had this projection of an animation on the wall and anybody that was at the event could draw on it.

mikedoosHere’s Mike doing his doodle on the animated “earth”, which is more like a map of London.mikegraphisMike again tagging up the walls of the Notting Hill Arts Club.

maccaskullHere’s Macca’s doodle.

mydoodleHere’s my SCO doodle.

doodleskillzOne of Mike’s artist friend doodled for FBBB.

mikegraphMike’s finalized graffiti with the obligatory link to FBBB.

lonbearddueThis long haired, long bearded man played us a few us a few songs to keep us on edge before the battle begins.

doodleronthewallMan doodling on wall.

djchicoDj CH!CO mixing some tunes.

mcMaster of Ceramony for this battle.

teamsHere are the teams: Team A vs. Team B. I think the theme had something to do with the impact humans have on the Environment or something like that.

whalersTeam A starts off strong with a whale and a duck.

wormsTeam B starts off with a tree.

teambstartSome crabs and other weird lines added.

cielingThe ceiling looked pretty gnar at the place.

greendreamsAlmost finished.

swapSwapping places.

almostdoneFront view.

theotheroneTeam A finishing up.

myfavI vote for Team B.

mikejudgeMike was a judge and he voted for Team B.

creatorsdHere’s the creator of Secret Wars.

creatorThe crowd screaming at the decibel reader. Team A got a louder read…

badjudgeThis lady judge was terrible.

lastjudgementSo the MC took over. He voted Team A… So Team A won the battle.

longhairguyThe guy in the tree is the guy that played us a few tunes.

properdoodleHere’s a proper doodle.

chinesepubA few of us went to a Chinese pub afterwards. It was the first I ever saw. Weird…

picaddilyOne final doodle shot.