Trestles Night Surf
August 31, 2009

Daniel, Ian, Jason, Mitch and I went for a late sesh tonight. It was Daniel’s first time surfing so he was privileged to go to Trestles for it. It was super small but really fun. Oh yeah I took my dad’s 135mm lens today. It’s a weird focal length but it fun to try to compose the shot.

washedoutRetro style pic.

trestles side trainTrain pass.

shredderThis guy was shredding today due to his medium sized longboard. He has this retro style with his feet super close together.

nightmitchMitch emerging from the darkness after a wicked last ride.

trestles night wavesWeird little arrow thingy in the background.

trestles_lotThis was a rare site; Ian’s car was pretty much the only one  parked at the Trestles lot.