This is how I…
November 4, 2009

how-i-draw scosurfDraw. I bought to see if these Zebra pens to see if they were better than or the same quality as Asda pens. They suck.

how-i-hear scosurfHear. These are the third JVC Gummy headphones I’ve owned. They come in awesome colours and once they break, they’re fairly cheap to replace.

how-i-keep-warm scosurfKeep Warm. All three of those hoodies were freebies. P.S. I love my smoothskin.

New Room
October 5, 2009

Got a new room this year. Same house, different floor.

side angle scosurf sco surf nike 6.0 skateboarding shoesMy proud line up of skate shoes from tech to mid tech to lo tech.

front view scosurf sco surf skateboards nike vans skate shoes macbethJust gotta slap some trucks and wheels onto the middle board.

mummy sleeping bag scosurf sco surfThis thing should keep me warm through the cold Cornish winters.

macbeth vegan skate shoes scosurf sco surfAlex from Aside gave me a pair of shoes that were too small for him. They’re vegan.

vegan macbeth skate shoes scosurf sco surfNot quite Vans Authentics.

Sandals: To Buy Or Not To Buy
September 21, 2009

Can’t forget my trusty skate shoes or Woodbridge Bag.

scosurf sco surf packing5 more tees.

Packing Update
September 21, 2009

Added a few art books, an essential box of Lucky Charms, wires, hats, a lot more to come.

sco surf scosurf packupgradeI wonder if this will all fit into a bag that meets the Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance.

Pack To Go Back
September 21, 2009

I’ve started packing to go back across the Atlantic pond.


Gato Heroi Fin for A dollar.

September 19, 2009

I received another Threadless tee in the mail. This one I purchased because I had a $5 gift certificate, $1.50 from street points, and it was fairly imaginative. It’s called Deep Tree Dive and it was designed by Terry Fan.


Pretty cutting edge concept. P.S. This photo is not “cross processed”. Maybe I’ll stop.

Aster Blue Can Be The Most Colourful
September 19, 2009

I looked at the shoes in front of Mike and Zack’s house and turns out my blue Vans stood out since the rest of them were either brown or black. I guess your shoes can only be a colour starting with the letter B if you want  to enter the house.

colouredshoesThere’s a hint of yellow on Zack’s Nikes so maybe his count as more colourful.

Jeans Fade on the Inside Too
August 16, 2009

So after over a year and a half of not washing my Evisu jeans, I figured I should since the odor was getting pretty bad. As I turned them inside out to wash, I was like whoa, the inside of raw jeans fade the same way as the outside. It’s not as distinct but it’s still there. The next trend should be raw jeans except made with the wrong side of the denim on the outside.

Evisu Jeans Fade InsideCheck that sexy selvedge.