One Track Mind
October 6, 2009

Gave this film to Joe for his birthday before I left Cornwall but I never saw it till I came back. Probably one of my favorite surf movies. It’s about competitive surfing except they ask the surfers super simple questions like what they think about wax and stuff.

one track mind scosurf sco surf surfing film dan malloy woodshed filmsAny film that a Malloy makes is guaranteed to be epic.

Quail Hill Shoe Out
September 13, 2009

Today Danny, David, Jenny, Rachel, Shelby and I went to Quail Hill for a photo shoot slash mini hike.

Quail Hill California
Time to bomb some hills.

Quail Hill Photo Crew
A portion of the crew taking some shots.

Papurt Scat
Danny leaving some scat on the trail.

A cactus patch.

We all had Vans except for Jenny since she’s so much cooler than us.

Horses have their own drinking fountains.


Danny taking charge.

Rachel has Chucks.

Danny has Slip Ons.

Rachel and Shelby used film. True legends they are.

A jogger came by and asked us if one of us lost a lens cap. Jenny did. Papurt got it. He’s a hero.

Some crop shots.

David and Jenny ditched us. Danny and I stood our ground and they eventually reversed. We win.