Humous and Bread
November 26, 2009

I decided to save my banana for later.

Tesco Multi Grain crumb eyes with a Tesco Value Banana.

Blind Surf
November 11, 2009

Today we arrived at Perranporth for a second time after checking Crantock and after I put on my wetsuit, I realized I was wearing my glasses. I don’t carry a spare pair of contacts with me so I was going to surf blind… I was pretty freaked out because they waves looked big from far away but as soon as I rode the first wave I was stoked. It was a totally different feeling when you’re riding a wave but you only see vague shapes.

perranporth-down-teh-line scosurfLong lines. Super glassy.

crow-fly scosurfA cornish crow, mid flight in the Perranporth car park.

crantock scosurfWe went to Perranporth once and Joe wasn’t satisfied so we checked Crantock and that was pants so we went back to Perranporth.

pasta-baking scosurfI usually make pasta bakes for dinner at Ben’s, maybe because it was the first thing his mom ever made me.

giant-pasty scosurfBen had a giant pasty.

pasta-cheeseball scosurfA wider angle of my meal.

big-pasty scosurfTo test a pasty’s ready-to-eat-ness it’s best to drill a hole, extract a potato and eat it. If it’s good then the pasty is good.

Same Old
October 24, 2009

Thinking about going vegan again. Made  cheeseless pizza. Even for something where cheese seems essential I thought it was quite tasty.

cheeseless_pizza scosurfing scosurf sco surfNext step: Give up chocolate.

Doors Eat Toes
October 20, 2009

I shall cap it at two bags for the year.

doritos_chilli_heatwave scosurfing scosurf sco surfWhy they don’t have this flavor in America; I will never know.

Flat Pasta
October 19, 2009

I bought some Tagliatelle from Tesco the other day. Finally cooked it yesterday.

tagliatelle scosurfing scosurf sco surfIt’s far better than Fettucini.

Back in The Kern
October 4, 2009

Finally made my way down to Cornwall.

backin kernow cornwall surfing scosurf sco surf ukI missed this vast countryside view.

shopping tesco sco surf scosurf cornwall ukDid some groceries and back to my old house.

cross pros pizza scosurf sco surfMade some pizza. Looks extra cheesy with the cross processed effect.

dog town pizza surf sco scosurfWatched Lords of Dog Town with my first pizza of the school year.

Back Yard BBQ
September 16, 2009

We went to Costco and bought some Boca Burgers(vegan), weird multigrain pita like buns, and bagels. A little bbq went on in the backyard with some live music flowing out of the jam room. Quite an epic lunch it was. All that was missing was ketchup.

smokincoalsMike lit the coals in the tower.

bocaburgersThese are Boca Burgers.

maxMax on guitar.

kevinKevin on bass. They both ripped.

coalsThe coals are lit.

embersGive a quick shake.

bocaHow bout anotha shrimp on tha barbie?

chickenbirdMike brought his bird out on the grass. Looks more like a chicken in this shot.

birdheroThe hero shot.

theloneburgerA bit dry they were but delicious none the less.

mikepettingMike giving the bird a little rub down.

It’s About Time For Pick Nick
September 14, 2009

Today Jenny and I went for a picnic in Turtle Rock.

ketchupgridWhen’s the last time you saw ketchup on a grid?

innoutgrilledcheezIn-N-Out makes good grilled cheese only if you have a large drink.

knittingKnitting a beanie is harder than I thought.

Sometimes Better The Second Time Around
September 14, 2009

When I make pasta, I tend to like the microwaved left overs more than the fresh thing.

microwavedpastaI miss Tesco.