Labor Day Chill Out
September 8, 2009

Today Amanda, Jenny, Kelly, Kris, Matt, Mitch, Stevo, Zack, and I went to Trestles for a relaxed Labor Day surf. The waves were really small and the onshore wind just killed it BUT we still had a brilliant time. Sure there were a few stubbed toes, broken noses and scraped fins but we had fun and that’s what it’s all about.

Friendly Line Up at Trestles

A very friendly line up.

Water Mark at Trestles CaliforniaWater marking.

Oneill Wetsuit Swallow Tail
I cut my 5 year old Oneill Psycho I in half. Added a swallow tail for some flair. Taken By Mitch.

finscrapeWhile cruising back to shore a rock stopped me abruptly. I thought my fin broke in half. I’m glad it didn’t.

Single Fin Nose DingI don’t even know when this happened…

Group Quiver Sco SurfWe brought quite a few boards over there.

Sco Surf Trestles GroupPost session chill out.

Zoomed In Group Quiver ShotZoomed in.

Pacific Coast Highway CaliforniaJenny, Yama and I ended up taking PCH back home since there was some traffic going north. Always a good route to take.

Hello KittyJenny’s Hello Kitty air freshener makes a great picture at times.

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Big Boy Test at Trestles
August 29, 2009

I didn’t wake up when Mitch called me at 5am yesterday but we managed to go today to Trestles. I actually finished making the board on the parking lot. I wasn’t happy the leash plug hole so I redrilled a hole, got it filled with resin, let it cure on the ride down and drilled the final leash hole on the lot. Since I have short arms, carrying the 23 inch wide board to Trestles was a mission. The thing catches waves so easily and it just glides. So stoked. David took all these pictures. What a legend.


Sickk bra.

legendI didn’t see this guy out there but David clearly did. What a legend.

mitchlayback1Layback one.

mitchalybackLayback two.




mitchhandbarrelMitch’s hand getting pitted.

mitch2Mitch’s air sequence: 1)Eyeing the ramp.

mitch32)About to launch.


mitch54)Eyeballing the landing.

mitchonbigboyMitch having a go on big boy.

vansshoesMy vans watched Mitch and me surf the whole time.


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Displacement Hulls
August 27, 2009

I know my board isn’t a legit hull but I can’t wait to surf it.

Hulltastic Video