Godrevy Round Two
October 28, 2009

Keith and I seshed Godrevy this morning.

godrevy-carpark scosurfingThe waves weren’t as good as yesterday but it was still fun. If any of the Godrevy regulars: You know what happened to the last guy that dropped in on me?

single-fin scosurf thalia street surf shop sticker laguna beachQuick Tip: If you apply a vinyl sticker to your board, do wait the 48 hours before you hit the water.


Godrevy Sesh with Aside
October 28, 2009

Alex, Ross and I seshed Godrevy yesterday. It looks pretty good out when we got there.

single-fin scosurfMy single fin hopped along for the ride.

aside-studio scosurfAlex and Rossco from A-Side Studio.

restricted-zone scosurf godrevyApparently you’re not allowed to: Caption Contest!

down-the-line scosurf godrevyLooking down towards the River Mouth.

alex-aside-van scosurf godrevyStaying cozy in the batmobile.

lighthouse scosurf godrevyThe house of light.

big-wave scosurf godrevyAlex checking out the epic ripples.

bird-aerial scosurf godrevyA bird doing a frontside air reverse.

alex-aside scosurf godrevyPeeling. Taken by Alex.