Trek to Tree 9
September 18, 2009

The gang and I headed up to Tree 9.

journeybeginsMitch catching everything on the video box.

enterEntering the forest.

filmphotogPhotographer+Videographer. Two in one.

fallenbikerMike yelled, “BIKER!”. Said biker flew over his handle bars. He was alright.

forestThe way.

montbayMonterey Bay in the background.

Santa Cruz PanoramaA nifty little stitched pano.

takingshotHis profession.

shottyZack and Mike on their way while Mitch documents.

mitchfieldA football field with a great view to follow.

campusWe are now on campus. Zack in the shade.

UCSC Campus BuildingsThe buildings at UCSC look pretty wicked.

deerImagine seeing this on your way to class. Great excuse to be late to that bio exam.

straplessThe strap on Mitch’s camera was coming undone. He caught it on time.

mikezackhikingsticksMike and Zack choosing their hiking sticks.

legendarytree9Here’s Tree 9. I got half way up.

UCSC Santa Cruz Tree 9 ClimbingMike, Mitch and Zack made it to the top. Hopefully I get over my fear of heights and do it next time.

Quail Hill Shoe Out
September 13, 2009

Today Danny, David, Jenny, Rachel, Shelby and I went to Quail Hill for a photo shoot slash mini hike.

Quail Hill California
Time to bomb some hills.

Quail Hill Photo Crew
A portion of the crew taking some shots.

Papurt Scat
Danny leaving some scat on the trail.

A cactus patch.

We all had Vans except for Jenny since she’s so much cooler than us.

Horses have their own drinking fountains.


Danny taking charge.

Rachel has Chucks.

Danny has Slip Ons.

Rachel and Shelby used film. True legends they are.

A jogger came by and asked us if one of us lost a lens cap. Jenny did. Papurt got it. He’s a hero.

Some crop shots.

David and Jenny ditched us. Danny and I stood our ground and they eventually reversed. We win.