Paper Tower
October 4, 2009

Saw this thing at Waterloo.

papertower scosurf sco surf london uk englandIt’s made out of nuts bolts and a lot of rolls of brown paper.

Doodle Battle
October 3, 2009

When I was in London, Mike, one of the kings of FBBB invited me to this doodle event. They’re called Secret Wars. Two teams battle each other by doodling on giant blank boards.

doodleearthThey had this projection of an animation on the wall and anybody that was at the event could draw on it.

mikedoosHere’s Mike doing his doodle on the animated “earth”, which is more like a map of London.mikegraphisMike again tagging up the walls of the Notting Hill Arts Club.

maccaskullHere’s Macca’s doodle.

mydoodleHere’s my SCO doodle.

doodleskillzOne of Mike’s artist friend doodled for FBBB.

mikegraphMike’s finalized graffiti with the obligatory link to FBBB.

lonbearddueThis long haired, long bearded man played us a few us a few songs to keep us on edge before the battle begins.

doodleronthewallMan doodling on wall.

djchicoDj CH!CO mixing some tunes.

mcMaster of Ceramony for this battle.

teamsHere are the teams: Team A vs. Team B. I think the theme had something to do with the impact humans have on the Environment or something like that.

whalersTeam A starts off strong with a whale and a duck.

wormsTeam B starts off with a tree.

teambstartSome crabs and other weird lines added.

cielingThe ceiling looked pretty gnar at the place.

greendreamsAlmost finished.

swapSwapping places.

almostdoneFront view.

theotheroneTeam A finishing up.

myfavI vote for Team B.

mikejudgeMike was a judge and he voted for Team B.

creatorsdHere’s the creator of Secret Wars.

creatorThe crowd screaming at the decibel reader. Team A got a louder read…

badjudgeThis lady judge was terrible.

lastjudgementSo the MC took over. He voted Team A… So Team A won the battle.

longhairguyThe guy in the tree is the guy that played us a few tunes.

properdoodleHere’s a proper doodle.

chinesepubA few of us went to a Chinese pub afterwards. It was the first I ever saw. Weird…

picaddilyOne final doodle shot.

SB at SB
October 2, 2009

If you’re ever bored in London, go to South Bank. Great Graffiti, great skating, great biking, and if you get super hungry, great food super close by.

South Bank Graffiti South Bank London UK Sco Surf ScosurfWith the exception of the ground, everything else is tagged and retagged eternally.

South Bank K Grind London UK Sco Surf ScosurfK grinds look extra special when out of focus and “cross processed”.

Final Graffiti South Bank London Sco Surf ScosurfFresh graph. Too bad this other guy covered it with a lesser quality one on the top right corner. Jerk…

unicycle south bank scosurf sco surf london uk england skateboardingThis unicycling grom was pretty good.

bikers bike south bank london uk scosurf sco surfThe  bikers are pretty mental.

kgrind sco surf scosurf south bank london ukHere’s a k grind in focus.

Third Try For L Town
October 1, 2009

My flight was  alright. Had the same exact vegan meal for the 6th time on Virgin Atlantic. They bumped up one of my fins but hey it could have worse right?

blue specs london sco scosurfThe blue specs on the ground of the underground trains intrigue me. The guy sitting across from me works for British Airways. They now allow boards 6’3 and under. Time to fight for boards over 6’3.

firstshot scosurf london uk englandFirst shot I took outside.

peace festival scosurf sco uk london englandThere was a Peace Festival going on.

national gallery london uk england sco scosurfThe National Gallery is still sick to this day.

london skyline sco scosurfA few classic landmarks.

Last Day In Cali
October 1, 2009

I didn’t even know that I was leaving on the 23rd. Some of my friend came by to say goodbye.

sco scosurf surf goingawayI knew it was going to be a mission to lug those three bags around London.