Another Deck For Stolen Griptape
September 11, 2009

Since I stole Matt’s griptape yesterday when I was making my skateboard deck, he made me build him a deck. I’m super stoked with the outline and the graphic on the bottom.

Sco Skateboards Front ViewSorry for the blue drips.

Sco Skateboard Back ViewAngular tail.

Sco Skateboard SquaresAwesome colour palette.

Sco Skateboard StokeMatt seems to be pretty stoked with his new board.

Sco Skate Turn One


Sco Skateboard Turn Two


Sco Skateboard Turn Three


Sco Skateboard HandstandMatt show his skills.

Sco Skateboard ChillMy board was just chilling in the grass while all this happened.

Sco Skateboard Station TwoThis cardboard box is where most of the deck construction happened.

Sco Skateboard Station OneSince Mitch started his deck today I moved over to this station.

Skate Pics from The Seedling
September 1, 2009

I love Thomas Campbell’s films. He’s such a legend. Why not take pictures of of the skating scene in his first film, The Seedling, then “cross process” it?


In between frames.

skatedLooks a bit like my mini board.

geoffrowShook this guy’s hand.

thstuddsMet this guy.

thstudZoom in on T Dollar.

Longboarding At Trestles
August 2, 2009

Today Mitch, Matt, Zack, Ian and I went to trestles. It was supposed to be pretty bad it but it was so fun. I had a go on Mitch’s wooden longboard and it was so fun. It truly proves that to have fun, you have to have the right equipment for the right conditions.

DSC_8845Mitch and Matt just sco.

DSC_8849Zack and Ian like to stretch. I’m somewhat in the middle.