Epic Stub Sesh at Towan
October 29, 2009

Took out my stubbie for a second Cornish time. Keith drove me to Porthtowan, Alex got there shortly after us. From the beach it looked like the waves were breaking super fast but when you got out there it was actually uber fun.

stub towan sco surf porthtowanRight or left?

wave in the sky sco surfCheck out that wave in the sky.

Trestles Exit
September 5, 2009

A while back when we were walking back to the cars; as I went under the freeway and looked up and saw this sign. Thought it would make a good picture. Since I took it with a 135mm lens I had to take a pano and stitch the pics together. (cristianitos road)

trestlesexitPhotomerge is an awesome tool.

Epic Waves At Trestles
August 30, 2009

The conditions were sooo good at Trestles last night. Perfect A frame waves. A few barrels here and there but it was epic.

Taken with my 3 year old cellphone from the parking lot. It looked like a Lion King sunset, except with cars, palm trees, streetlights, streets ,etc.

Good Bye Girl
August 28, 2009

My friend Kailee left to go to school yesterday morning. I got up at like 5AM, headed over to her place at 6AM and this is the shot I got walking out of my front door.


You get the best lighting during sunset or sunrise yeah?