God Rays
November 29, 2009

God rays are in cartoons, movies, and every day life in general. Photography wouldn’t be where it is today without God Rays. Whether the soundtrack to God rays is organs playing or a subtle choir singing ahhh, God rays are awesome, a good God ray shot will trump a sunset or rainbow shot any day.

Keith doesn’t know it but he’s in the presence of God. Three ish gods to be exact.

Many Gods look upon Praa Sands.

Sometimes only one god shines through. Taken By Ryan Riley.

Surfers love god rays. Taken By Ryan Riley.

Sometimes interesting framing can make a photograph incredibly spectacular. I’ll save that for another post but here’s a preview. Taken By Ryan Riley.

October 20, 2009

I haven’t been shooting a lot of ramas this year.

maritime-pano scosurfing scosurf sco surfTook these series of stitches photos near the Maritime.

October 20, 2009

I wonder how many people still eat cereal for breakfast?

cereal-soggify scosurfing scosurf sco surfI let my cereal soggify before I eat it. Nay to crispyness cerealwise.

raleigh-place scosurfing scosurf sco surfA view of my street through a cereal bowl.

A Towan Sesh
October 13, 2009

Went with Alex and Rossco to Porthtowan yesterday. It was pretty sweet. I had another go on the hull except this time the waves were much cleaner and longer.

fish stick aside studio ross scosurf sco surfRossco had a go for the first time on his fishstick. He’s be thrusterless for a while now.

two hulls surfboard scosurf sco surfingAlex’s hulls. He rode the GeeBee which is in that gnarly little bag and I rode the MP.

sun set reflection porthtowan cornwall scosurf sco surfSunset reflection on Rossco’s vanagon.

last light porthtowan scosurf sco surfLast light panorama.

San Elijo On A Bigger Day
September 15, 2009

Today Mitch and I met up with Kelly in Cardiff and surfed San Elijo. It was a lot bigger(some rolled in a bit overhead) than the last time we went out. It was super fun. Big crowd but people are way more mellow than the folks at San Onofre. Long crumbly waves. Can’t be beat.

Southern California Cloud Light Beams

Rays of light pierced through the gloomy morning.

Crop Rows Southern CaliforniaA crooked crop row shot.

San Elijo Cardiff By The Sea San Diego CaliforniaIt might look a bit closed out but the guys here know how to plow through sections.

Quail Hill Shoe Out
September 13, 2009

Today Danny, David, Jenny, Rachel, Shelby and I went to Quail Hill for a photo shoot slash mini hike.

Quail Hill California
Time to bomb some hills.

Quail Hill Photo Crew
A portion of the crew taking some shots.

Papurt Scat
Danny leaving some scat on the trail.

A cactus patch.

We all had Vans except for Jenny since she’s so much cooler than us.

Horses have their own drinking fountains.


Danny taking charge.

Rachel has Chucks.

Danny has Slip Ons.

Rachel and Shelby used film. True legends they are.

A jogger came by and asked us if one of us lost a lens cap. Jenny did. Papurt got it. He’s a hero.

Some crop shots.

David and Jenny ditched us. Danny and I stood our ground and they eventually reversed. We win.