Mini Seshuan
November 8, 2009

Today we went hunting for some surf. It ended up settling for Praa. Ryan and I went in. Joe and Emma had a lovely day at the beach while Ben did a bit of photography.

carve british surf magazine scosurfBritish Surf Mags at Keith’s. Taken by Ryan.

secret-sauce scosurfSecret spot behind the bush.

rinsey scosurfRinsey looked alright but Ben wasn’t keen of the crowd factor.

volcom-sticker scosurfRyan had a million stickers in a box so Ben and I snagged a few.

all-right scosurfSome fun looking rights at Praa.

down-the-line scosurfDown the line. Taken by Ryan.

a-framers scosurfHead Dippers. Taken by Ryan.

tubings scosurfRyan getting shackled. Taken by Benji.

micro scosurfAnother pit in Ryan’s arsenal. Taken by Benji.

off-the-wall scosurfRyan going off the wall. Taken by Benji.

pwned scosurfI didn’t quite make that right… Taken by Benji.

owned scosurfRyan got smashed by this rogue. Taken by Benji.

pigdogging scosurfPigdogging isn’t my thing. Taken by Benji.

golden scosurfIt was a fun sesh. Golden sunsets for everybody on the south coast.

November 4, 2009

Went to Praa this morning.

praa scosurfIt looked alright from the main lot.

gash-bag scosurfGash bag ruining a parking lot. The seshuan was pretty short. Mega chops due to hardcore winds.

key-fob scosurfA key fob was made in the Wilson garage.

wooden-scostache scosurfI was shaping a hand plane and Ben picked up the negative and put to his face as a stache. So I was inspired to make a wooden stache.

sco-stache scosurfAuthority.

bowtie-pasta scosurfFirst time I’ve cooked Bow-Tie pasta in my life. It was awesome.