Different Perspective
November 28, 2009

The FXU/Freeriders Surf Comp 09 went on at Porthmoer today. Ryan borrowed my camera again.

Ryan’s gonna get some wings.

After a few shots, he became a huge fan. Taken by Ryan.

Ryan’s theory was, take pics of this ripping grom and sell the pics to him later. Taken by Ryan.

That rock threw some big spray. Taken by Ryan.

St. Ives’ own Teahupoo, except it’s right. Taken by Ryan.

Classic sand shot. Taken by Ryan.

Nose drops. Taken by Ryan.

Rob H’s shoes and tail. Taken by Ryan.

Barber is his arch nemisis. Taken by Ryan.

It was raining pretty hardcore the whole time. Taken by Ryan.

Keith was the head judge as well as the color guard of the comp. Taken by Ryan.

I went out for a second time during the day. It might seem like awesome to have two sessions in a day but when it’s 50 degrees below freezing and your wetsuit is wet from the last use, things aren’t so lush… Taken by Ryan.

November 27, 2009

Today I was one of the mentors helping some prospective students through tasters day which is pretty much where a kid experiences everything{almost everything} in one afternoon. I was pretty stoked since I’ve never “taught” more than maybe two people at a time. Hopefully everybody had some fun and will strongly consider joining the Falmouth Sportswear Department.

All the groups had to pick a muse to base their designs off. My group chose Lady Gaga. Long story short: Lady Gaga is in the secret service{ergo she wears sunnies all the time} and she went to the Queen’s garden party to protect her majesty from any ninja assassins. The dress we designed would theoretically be made completely out of bulletproof kevlar.

After finishing off the taster day I headed over to Aside to chill out and look through their library. Here’s a reflection of Ross’s screen while he checks the surf forecast for this weekend.

First Sco Toy Now Available {free!}
November 26, 2009

If you’re bored, why not have a go at a Sco Toy? Since the holidays are coming up, you might want to make a few for your beloved friend and family.

Instructions: Click the image above, drag it to your desktop.

What you need: Computer•Picture Printing Software•Printer•Ink•Paper•Scissors•Glue or Tape•Enthusiasm

Make sure your printer has ink and paper. Print it(open it in photoshop or whatever program you use for printing out pictures).

Let the freshly printed flat dry for a few seconds.

Make sure you have all your tools in front of you.

Cut out the Sco Toy{Personalize Sco Monster by drawing mustaches, unibrows, watches, tattoos etc on it before cutting}

Freshly cut.

Fold it at the dotted lines+straight black lines+the bit between the bottom of the feet and the side view of the feet.

Freshly folded.

Use a bit of tape.

Roll up the tape and seal the white trapezoids together.

Or if tape’s not your thing you can use glue{my second grade teacher told us,”a little dabbledoya”}.

If your using glue, you might want to use a pencil or something in it’s weight caliber to keep the flaps from coming undone while the glue dries.

Display Sco Monster proudly. Play with it. Sleep with it. Etc etc…

Close Up
November 26, 2009

When you’re working super close up in Illustrator, sometimes what you see then can be a piece of art in itself.

Here’s a zoomed in view of the printable sco toy in progress.

Humous and Bread
November 26, 2009

I decided to save my banana for later.

Tesco Multi Grain crumb eyes with a Tesco Value Banana.

Printable Sco Toys Coming Soon
November 25, 2009

Pretty much all my work is in progress. Here’s a few sketches from a toy that you will soon be able to print out and decorate your room with.


Work In Progress
November 24, 2009

Here’s Mitch taping his rails before hot coating.

Here’s the photograph.

The sketch{not traced}.

First coat of colour.

Some shading.

November 23, 2009

I suddenly had the urge to draw waves, then a boat.

I should look into purchasing a book on colour.

November 23, 2009

I’ve been pretty obsessed with portraits lately. Here’s one of the processes I use{draw from life using photobooth isntead of a mirror}:

Grid lines.



This one I did from a picture. My friend, Zack Feigenbaum.

If You’re Bored, Make a Clay Animation
November 22, 2009

Sco man having a go on a skateboard.

Where did he go?