Work In Progress
November 24, 2009

Here’s Mitch taping his rails before hot coating.

Here’s the photograph.

The sketch{not traced}.

First coat of colour.

Some shading.

Roided Out Polar Bears Minus the Bears
October 19, 2009

Jenny told me about this application that converts your pictures into polaroids. So I gave it a go.

armout-pola scosurfing scosurf sco surfIt’s actually pretty sick since during the conversion the polaroid turns from that murky orange colour into the actual pica.

October 6, 2009

Here’s a picture of my friend Joe.

smallest surfboard scosurf sco surf surfingThe world’s tallest man throwing a shaka next to the world shortest surfboard.

Another Deck For Stolen Griptape
September 11, 2009

Since I stole Matt’s griptape yesterday when I was making my skateboard deck, he made me build him a deck. I’m super stoked with the outline and the graphic on the bottom.

Sco Skateboards Front ViewSorry for the blue drips.

Sco Skateboard Back ViewAngular tail.

Sco Skateboard SquaresAwesome colour palette.

Sco Skateboard StokeMatt seems to be pretty stoked with his new board.

Sco Skate Turn One


Sco Skateboard Turn Two


Sco Skateboard Turn Three


Sco Skateboard HandstandMatt show his skills.

Sco Skateboard ChillMy board was just chilling in the grass while all this happened.

Sco Skateboard Station TwoThis cardboard box is where most of the deck construction happened.

Sco Skateboard Station OneSince Mitch started his deck today I moved over to this station.

Almost Finished
August 26, 2009

Today I went to Mitch’s to sand my board. So close to being finished. Hopefully I’ll ride it Friday morning.

sco surf surfboard noseDown the deck.

surfboard basic shapeA little more rocker than I wanted but it’s all good.

true ames surfboard finI put Kelly’s fin in just to see what the board would look like with one.

true ames california surfboard finsIt looks pretty good in that box.

surfboardrailsThin knifyish rails all the way through.

surfboard deck view noseWhat a short person might see after paddling for a few miles.

suitrackMitch made a hanging rack for wetsuits with a bucket under it. Quite genius it is.

Hot Coat Phase II & Fin Box Installation
August 24, 2009

I sanded my whole board, did one more hot coat on the top and bottom and installed the fin box. My board is almost finished. Sooo stoked.

preboxPre Box Installation.

accidentaldischargeHad an accidental discharge when I picked up my camera and walked over to my board.

boxinstalledAfter a dust storm hit Mitch’s garage.

rackedTime to sand down this bad boy.

Tipping the Board
August 23, 2009

Today I sprayed the tip of my board and hot coated the deck and bottom. The hot coat didn’t do so well on top of the spray paint so I’m gonna do another hot coat tomorrow to smooth it all out.

surfmattsBanners make the best mattes.




fatboytip2World War II wings.

fatboytippedLook at this bad boy.(pre Hot Coat.)

Surfboard Construction: Glassing(2 6oz. on top)
August 22, 2009

Today I finished glassing my board minus the hot coats I have to do tomorrow. I’m getting better at glassing and not letting all the resin on the floor so kudos to me. Here are some picks from the process:

bottomtopAfter the first top coat.

surfhorseLots of different coloured beads of resin reside on the corner of the thing that hold a surfboard when shaping/glassing.

toplapI think this is after the 2nd top coat. Not sure…

boardoutMitch waiting for the leash loop hole to dry.

knackeredApparently somebody threw a wallet at his face and it knocked him out.

walletsleepEvidence 1A.

vansIf you look up the word classic or awesome in the dictionary, you’ll see these things. I swear by them.

resinshoeShaper’s/Glasser’s shoe bottoms look somewhat like this.(if you work in a garage)

resincontainerUnused UV catalysted resin bubbling in the sun.

resincellResin goes everywhere.

skinresinIt’s time like these that make me happy that my asian hairlessness makes it less painful when ripping resin off my skin.

glassingmattYou better have an awesome matt when you glass because you’re floor is gonna get messssed up.

toplapsI  lied, the picture before of the bottom was just the first coat. This one is the 2nd coat curing.

skatedelorianNo clue why the clock was on Mitch’s board but now it’s a time machine.

Board Status
August 18, 2009

Mitch came back from a trip to the river/lake so I went over and took off the excess fiberglass from the rails. This is what stage my board’s at.

towsurfMy board is in the tow zone. Let’s shred some 50 footers.

surfboardbottomI like the shape.

surfboardnoseZe naz.

glovemanThis guy was just lying on the garage floor.

finsandingMitch finishing off his first commercial board.

surfdeckNext step: Two 6 oz. on top.

Surfboard Construction: Day 2
August 13, 2009

I skinned the blank, shaped the board and glassed the bottom. Pretty stoked with the shape, not with the glass job but it’s all good.



Surfboard-Tail-DeckTail Viewed From Top.


Surfboard-Hull-BottomBlended Bottom.

Surf-FiberglassGlassing Time.

Surf-ResinThe start of failure. Taken By Caroline.

Surfboard-LapsGoing low. Taken By Caroline.

Surfboard-GlassingCuring but not really since you need some UV.

Surf-QuiverWelcome to Mitch’s very clean and organized shaping bay.