Truro Park With the Brighton Boys
October 24, 2009

The Fal crew and the Brighton crew went to Truro today. Might sound like a lot but it was just four of us.

to-the-park scosurfing scosurf sco surf skateboarding skating truro skateparkScott driving, Dan got shotty, Phil and I in the back.

jumping-down scosurfing sco surf skateboarding skating truro skateparkWe wanted to ollie this ten and none of us have actually done a ten before(I did the Target nine like 4 years ago) so the way to get amped is by first jumping down it with no board. Taken by Phil.

jumped-down scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkDan’s jump. Taken by Phil.

steezy-ollie scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkA park regular shows us how its done. Taken by Phil.

heel-bomb scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkThen he attempts to throw a heel bomb. He never did it though… Taken by Phil.

fitty-fitty scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkScott doing a fitty down a curved ledge before he attempts the set. Taken by Phil.

freakin-wind scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkSkaters use every excuse they can get their hands on. My excuse, the bloody wind… Taken by Phil.

kicking-away scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkThe next step after jumping is a few hundred run ups, eventually leading to a kick away. Taken by Phil.

kicked-away scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkScott and his kick away. Taken by Phil.

kick away scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkDan’s kick away. Taken by Phi.

anxious skateboarding scosurf skating truro skateparkAfter one kick away, you land it and roll away. Taken by Phil.

my-ten scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkI guess I don’t ollie that high. Taken by Phil.

stick-it scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkSteeze. Taken by Phil.

phillip-stall scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkNot quite sure what Phil is doing here. Let’s just say he did a tre bomb off the ten but he’s trying to land onto the bank.

nikes scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkSo the ticket into the park is a pair of Nike kicks. No Nike’s? Go to the store and grab a pair.

stay-away scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkI was lying on the ground taking shots when this kid walked in front of me. He doesn’t seem to keen on me taking this photo.

steeze scosurfing skateboarding skating truro skateparkScott having another.

sickk scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkDan throwing a buttery ollie down the ten.

five_gap_five scosurfing skateboarding skating truro skateparkWe seshuaned the five gap five after we got over doing the ten. Some mini skaters were ripping it up. Taken by Phil.

bump scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkScott got a weird bump on his forearm while trying to grind the ledge. Taken by Phil.

crowded_truro_skatepark scosurf skateboarding skatingIt might not look crowded in this pic but the place was pretty crammed.

Packing Update
September 21, 2009

Added a few art books, an essential box of Lucky Charms, wires, hats, a lot more to come.

sco surf scosurf packupgradeI wonder if this will all fit into a bag that meets the Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance.

Deck Numero Tres
September 12, 2009

I made another deck today. This time I used poplar wood. It was pretty thick so I planed it down a couple of times. Not the flexiest of boards but it’s made for cruising. This is probably my cleanest board yet.

The default four stripes that rep SCO! Took out the dark blue and replaced it with a light brown.

scoskateboardtwoNot sure how I’m going to grip the top yet.

Another Deck For Stolen Griptape
September 11, 2009

Since I stole Matt’s griptape yesterday when I was making my skateboard deck, he made me build him a deck. I’m super stoked with the outline and the graphic on the bottom.

Sco Skateboards Front ViewSorry for the blue drips.

Sco Skateboard Back ViewAngular tail.

Sco Skateboard SquaresAwesome colour palette.

Sco Skateboard StokeMatt seems to be pretty stoked with his new board.

Sco Skate Turn One


Sco Skateboard Turn Two


Sco Skateboard Turn Three


Sco Skateboard HandstandMatt show his skills.

Sco Skateboard ChillMy board was just chilling in the grass while all this happened.

Sco Skateboard Station TwoThis cardboard box is where most of the deck construction happened.

Sco Skateboard Station OneSince Mitch started his deck today I moved over to this station.

New Skateboard Deck
September 10, 2009

Thought about making another surfboard. Ended up making a skateboard deck. This is the second time I’ve made a deck with fiberglass. The last time I made one was about four years ago. The skills and techniques I gained from building surfboards definitely sped up the process. I’m extremely happy with the result.

Sco Skateboard Deck TemplateLike  a surfboard, it always starts with a template.

Sco Skateboard Deck BeginningsGotta cut the wood.

Sco Skateboard Sanded RailsThe rails were rounded with a surform planer and sandpaper.

spraystationCardboard boxes are pretty essential for making decks. This is the spray station.

Sco Skateboard White DeckI thought white would look nice under the resin

Sco Skateboard Coloured DeckColours look better on white when you’re going for a retro look.

Sco SkateboardGotta add the sco.

Sco Skateboard Close UpSco close up with some posca trials.

Sco Skateboard Fiberglass CutCut and laid out.

Sco Skateboard Laminating StartMitch was repairing the fins on a board he made while I worked my deck.

Sco Skateboard LaminationMy first lam attempt.

Sco Skateboard SubtleLam failure. I actually like the way it looks.

Sco Skateboard Resin DripHot coat on deck.

Sco Skateboard Lamination ProcessSuccessful lam attempt on the buttom.

Sco Skateboard Top LaminationFinished top lam.

Sco Skateboard Bottom LaminationFinished bottom lam.

I WonderI placed the trucks on the deck to see what the finished board would look like. It looked mint.

Sco Skateboard Grip TapeI stole Matt’s grip that’s been laying in the garage all summer. Cut a slit to show the subtle SCO!

Sco Skateboard FinishedThe finished thing.

Sco Skateboard NowAbout to take a trip. Taken by Stevo.

Sco Skateboard StreetAnd it was pretty sick. Taken by Stevo.

The Art of RetroThe art of retro.

Sco Skateboard CollageHere’s a summary picture.

Skate Pics from The Seedling
September 1, 2009

I love Thomas Campbell’s films. He’s such a legend. Why not take pictures of of the skating scene in his first film, The Seedling, then “cross process” it?


In between frames.

skatedLooks a bit like my mini board.

geoffrowShook this guy’s hand.

thstuddsMet this guy.

thstudZoom in on T Dollar.