If You’re Bored, Make a Clay Animation
November 22, 2009

Sco man having a go on a skateboard.

Where did he go?

November 20, 2009

I changed the grip up a bit so why not the whole thing?

Started off by covering the enuff logo.

Back in black.

Covered the yellow on top too. It looks a bit like alex from aside’s deck except with blue instead of green bits.

I’m pretty stoked with the result.

November 19, 2009

There are a few things that make me feel awesome in a calm way. Shaping is one of them but today I did a bit of gripping which gives a similar feeling.



Done. What to do with the waste?

Put it within hideous blue griptape.

It looks a bit more interesting now.

Pop Up Flash Ain’t So Bad
November 19, 2009

It might not make a “professional” picture but what is a professional picture anyways? I got my package from the boys at Toobbox. The contents were the following plus an XXXXL heartogram tshirt.

Here’s the envelope. Pretty crazy that they spent 12.95 to send me the merch.

Some griptape.


No they didn’t send me paint, but I do want to start painting.

Empty Park
November 16, 2009

Ben, Endy, Sam and I went to Stithians for a little sesh today. A few games of skate and some spills. It was good to take a break from my project.

stithians-skatepark scosurfGoing to an empty skatepark, surf spot, etc etc, gives you a fantastic feeling.

ben-bmxing scosurfBen having a go on Sam’s bike.

sam-whip scosurfSam attempting a tail whip(pronounced hu•wip)

endy-grab scosurfEndy doing a steezy grab over the hip.

quite-a-sunset scosurfThe sun sat in a rainless sky.

November 15, 2009

Yesterday was the first time I ever surfed Swanpool beach. It was uber offshore and the crowd factor was redic. There were no rules any more. People were dropping in on one another left and right.

curtains scosurfWhile I was working on my laptop I looked at the window. Thought the texture in the curtains would make a cool shot with some backlight.

gylly-mini-right scosurfWe left the house pretty early and checked Swanpool. It looked rank so we checked Gylly and saw this mini right but weren’t too keen.

blue-shades scosurfWe went to Jan’s afterwards. Had another opportunity to shoot another window. Sick shade of blue.

coasters scosurfJan’s girlfriend picked up some coasters with wicked illustrations on them.

sitting-bear scosurfIt really looks like the house of art students.

rain-drops-on-the-shield scosurfIt rained.

duckdiving-a-right scosurfWe went back to Swanpool to sesh it. It looked awesome for a Falmouth break.

splashography scosurfWe left because of the crowds. Here’s a splashing shot.

gylly-left scosurfHere’s a Gylly Reef left.

way-to-the-park scosurfWe booked tickets for 2012 which was an awesome movie. Since we had 2 hours to kill we went for a skate at the Maritime parking lot.

ben-swipe scosurfBen sliding out the tail.

down-the-shoe-view scosurfLong exposure down the shoe.

shoe-view scosurfShoe view with pop up flash.

firey-place-for-a-skateboard scosurfI set the camera to a 10 second exposure, set it on top of my board and pushed it down the lot. The world is a scary place for a skateboard

November 4, 2009

More Skating Illustrations:

tre-flipper scosurfTre flip.

ollie-astronaut scosurfBone it.

Project Finally on a Roll
November 3, 2009

I’ve gained some momentum on my current school project. Here’s a few illustrations from it:

skater-cartoony scosurfScoman going for an ollie.

skater-dude scosurf

A bit more mature illustration.

A Tale of Two Boards
November 2, 2009

One was recycled. One was revamped.  The stories intertwine.

cutting scosurfCutting a deck out of an existing old deck. It’s the green way.

belt-sanding scosurfBelt sanders rule.

spraying- blue scosurfElectric blue spray jobbie.

drying-blues scosurfDrying the spray.

blue-board scosurf Blue board.

stripe-prepping scosurfPrepping for a stripe jobbie.

prep-stripe scosurf

Masking it off.white- line scosurfLet it rain white.

dry-two scosurfDry the white.

bottom-peel scosurfStripping it back.

top-peel scosurfDemasking the top.

white-stripes scosurfClean.

red-lined scosurfTranslucent red line added for a subtle touch of class.

rail-tape scosurfReleasing the rail tape.

TA scosurfRep it like TA.

old-and-new scosurfComparing the first skateboard deck he made with his recycled one.

sprayed scosurfLacquered.

spray-table scosurfThe spray table.

finished-deck scosurfStickered up.

team-work scosurfTeamwork to get the trucks off another set up.

advertisement scosurfA little advertisement.

skateboard_fin scosurfBoard One Fin.

taping-tape scosurfJoe prepping a spray.

taping scosurfTaping OCD.

tape-peeler scosurfWhite spray jobbie.

corrupted-line scosurfCorrupted black line.

drying-line scosurfDrying a fresh line.

stoked-longboard scosurfTo be contuvered.

Truro Park With the Brighton Boys
October 24, 2009

The Fal crew and the Brighton crew went to Truro today. Might sound like a lot but it was just four of us.

to-the-park scosurfing scosurf sco surf skateboarding skating truro skateparkScott driving, Dan got shotty, Phil and I in the back.

jumping-down scosurfing sco surf skateboarding skating truro skateparkWe wanted to ollie this ten and none of us have actually done a ten before(I did the Target nine like 4 years ago) so the way to get amped is by first jumping down it with no board. Taken by Phil.

jumped-down scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkDan’s jump. Taken by Phil.

steezy-ollie scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkA park regular shows us how its done. Taken by Phil.

heel-bomb scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkThen he attempts to throw a heel bomb. He never did it though… Taken by Phil.

fitty-fitty scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkScott doing a fitty down a curved ledge before he attempts the set. Taken by Phil.

freakin-wind scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkSkaters use every excuse they can get their hands on. My excuse, the bloody wind… Taken by Phil.

kicking-away scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkThe next step after jumping is a few hundred run ups, eventually leading to a kick away. Taken by Phil.

kicked-away scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkScott and his kick away. Taken by Phil.

kick away scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkDan’s kick away. Taken by Phi.

anxious skateboarding scosurf skating truro skateparkAfter one kick away, you land it and roll away. Taken by Phil.

my-ten scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkI guess I don’t ollie that high. Taken by Phil.

stick-it scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkSteeze. Taken by Phil.

phillip-stall scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkNot quite sure what Phil is doing here. Let’s just say he did a tre bomb off the ten but he’s trying to land onto the bank.

nikes scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkSo the ticket into the park is a pair of Nike kicks. No Nike’s? Go to the store and grab a pair.

stay-away scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkI was lying on the ground taking shots when this kid walked in front of me. He doesn’t seem to keen on me taking this photo.

steeze scosurfing skateboarding skating truro skateparkScott having another.

sickk scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkDan throwing a buttery ollie down the ten.

five_gap_five scosurfing skateboarding skating truro skateparkWe seshuaned the five gap five after we got over doing the ten. Some mini skaters were ripping it up. Taken by Phil.

bump scosurf skateboarding skating truro skateparkScott got a weird bump on his forearm while trying to grind the ledge. Taken by Phil.

crowded_truro_skatepark scosurf skateboarding skatingIt might not look crowded in this pic but the place was pretty crammed.