Trick Tips
October 22, 2009

Here’s a drawing I did for a current school project.

sco_ollie_sequence scosurfing scosurfDidn’t bone that tweak it enough.


October 21, 2009

I’m not sure what made me want to draw a skating bird.

birdman_ollie scosurfing scosurf sco surfIs he going for a b/s K grind or just ollieing the flat?

Nothing Lasts Forever
October 12, 2009

I was in my room after the skate sesh and I noticed a few battle wounds on my board.

nose wound scosurf sco surfNose wound. I knew I should have a put a metal bumper on that thing.

grip raise skateboard scosurf sco surfSome raised grip due to a smash fiberglass rail over weak ply.

rail wound skateboard scosurf sco surfSaigon grill…

tail wound skateboard scosurf sco surfThis was expected since I was doing popping some ollies and trying tres.

Mabe Skate Sesh
October 12, 2009

First time at Mabe. Brought my old school and that didn’t work out too well at the park so I had a go on Ben’s board. It was sicckkk.

panned exposure scosurf sco surfThe way the human body warps in long exposures.

bad aim scosurf sco surfI should use the viewfinder more often.

open wound scosurf sco surfGotta get a few shots of reopened scabs in this blog.

elbow vertical scosurf sco surfHere’s another one.

sco skateboard scosurf sco surfPhil busting an old school air on my old school sco board.

full commit scosurf sco surfEndy has full commitment.

elbow hurt scosurf sco surfPhil going crazy about his renewed battle wound.

5 seconds exposure scosurf sco surfA five second exposure of a skateboarder.

green light scosurf sco surfWhenever you see a green flash right before the sun goes down, it means a soul has come back from the dead. In this case it just means there’s an Asda near the skatepark.

New Room
October 5, 2009

Got a new room this year. Same house, different floor.

side angle scosurf sco surf nike 6.0 skateboarding shoesMy proud line up of skate shoes from tech to mid tech to lo tech.

front view scosurf sco surf skateboards nike vans skate shoes macbethJust gotta slap some trucks and wheels onto the middle board.

mummy sleeping bag scosurf sco surfThis thing should keep me warm through the cold Cornish winters.

macbeth vegan skate shoes scosurf sco surfAlex from Aside gave me a pair of shoes that were too small for him. They’re vegan.

vegan macbeth skate shoes scosurf sco surfNot quite Vans Authentics.

Back in The Kern
October 4, 2009

Finally made my way down to Cornwall.

backin kernow cornwall surfing scosurf sco surf ukI missed this vast countryside view.

shopping tesco sco surf scosurf cornwall ukDid some groceries and back to my old house.

cross pros pizza scosurf sco surfMade some pizza. Looks extra cheesy with the cross processed effect.

dog town pizza surf sco scosurfWatched Lords of Dog Town with my first pizza of the school year.

SB at SB
October 2, 2009

If you’re ever bored in London, go to South Bank. Great Graffiti, great skating, great biking, and if you get super hungry, great food super close by.

South Bank Graffiti South Bank London UK Sco Surf ScosurfWith the exception of the ground, everything else is tagged and retagged eternally.

South Bank K Grind London UK Sco Surf ScosurfK grinds look extra special when out of focus and “cross processed”.

Final Graffiti South Bank London Sco Surf ScosurfFresh graph. Too bad this other guy covered it with a lesser quality one on the top right corner. Jerk…

unicycle south bank scosurf sco surf london uk england skateboardingThis unicycling grom was pretty good.

bikers bike south bank london uk scosurf sco surfThe  bikers are pretty mental.

kgrind sco surf scosurf south bank london ukHere’s a k grind in focus.

Sandals: To Buy Or Not To Buy
September 21, 2009

Can’t forget my trusty skate shoes or Woodbridge Bag.

scosurf sco surf packing5 more tees.

Packing Update
September 21, 2009

Added a few art books, an essential box of Lucky Charms, wires, hats, a lot more to come.

sco surf scosurf packupgradeI wonder if this will all fit into a bag that meets the Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance.

Pack To Go Back
September 21, 2009

I’ve started packing to go back across the Atlantic pond.


Gato Heroi Fin for A dollar.