Printable Sco Toys Coming Soon
November 25, 2009

Pretty much all my work is in progress. Here’s a few sketches from a toy that you will soon be able to print out and decorate your room with.


Running on Empty
November 3, 2009

This is the worst news I’ve had all day.

bad-news scosurf

ASDA run soon.

fit-girl keira knightley drawing scosurfIt doesn’t look like who it’s meant to be.

Project Finally on a Roll
November 3, 2009

I’ve gained some momentum on my current school project. Here’s a few illustrations from it:

skater-cartoony scosurfScoman going for an ollie.

skater-dude scosurf

A bit more mature illustration.

Pen Art
August 1, 2009

I was looking through Creative Tempest I saw a post on art done with ball point pens. The artist is Andrea Joseph. Her work is pretty amazing stuff. I made a birthday card for my friend with a ball point pen and after looking through the art work in that post, I’ve realized that I have a lot to learn.

Click the picture to check out the rest of it.