Empty Park
November 16, 2009

Ben, Endy, Sam and I went to Stithians for a little sesh today. A few games of skate and some spills. It was good to take a break from my project.

stithians-skatepark scosurfGoing to an empty skatepark, surf spot, etc etc, gives you a fantastic feeling.

ben-bmxing scosurfBen having a go on Sam’s bike.

sam-whip scosurfSam attempting a tail whip(pronounced hu•wip)

endy-grab scosurfEndy doing a steezy grab over the hip.

quite-a-sunset scosurfThe sun sat in a rainless sky.

Cornish Surfboard Repair Shop
October 17, 2009

Haven’t posted surf related chronological pictures in a while.

break-it-off glassed on fins scosurfing sco surf scosurfThank you Virgin Atlantic. Honestly I’d rather have this happen than pay $100 to fly with two boards.

phillip-repairman scosurfing scosurf sco surf fcs fin system repairPhillip repairing two FCS plugs on a board he recently purchased.

cornish repair jobby scosurf scosurfing sco surfThe set up for our resin mixing operation.

fintastic scosurfing scosurf sco surf glassed on fin repairElectric tape can sometimes substitute masking tape.

birds-eye-view glassed on fin repair scosurfing scosurf sco surfBird’s Eye View.

cornish-backyard glassed on fin repair scosurfing scosurf sco surfBenji’s Cornish backyard.

cornish-sunset scosurfing sco surf scosurfAnother sunset befalls upon Falmouth.

A Towan Sesh
October 13, 2009

Went with Alex and Rossco to Porthtowan yesterday. It was pretty sweet. I had another go on the hull except this time the waves were much cleaner and longer.

fish stick aside studio ross scosurf sco surfRossco had a go for the first time on his fishstick. He’s be thrusterless for a while now.

two hulls surfboard scosurf sco surfingAlex’s hulls. He rode the GeeBee which is in that gnarly little bag and I rode the MP.

sun set reflection porthtowan cornwall scosurf sco surfSunset reflection on Rossco’s vanagon.

last light porthtowan scosurf sco surfLast light panorama.

SC to OC via CA-1
September 19, 2009

Mitch and I made the trek from Santa Cruz back to Irvine. Before we left we had a terrible sesh at Steamers. Mitch decided to take PCH for the first leg of the journey. The scenic route was definitely worth it.

Santa Cruz Surf Museum Steamer Lane CaliforniaSurf Museum at The Lane.

Steamer Lane Santa Cruz Swell SurfCrooked swell.

firststopThis was our first pit stop on CA-1.

peninsulaThe Pacific coastline offers a lot of random things. I’m sure they’re there for legit reasons but let’s not go there. Here’s a random peninsula.

righthanderThat right looks alright.

mitchmeCars make great tripods.

treesThey look more like trees you’d see in Africa.

cowRandom cow.

coastgalleryWe stopped by this gallery with weird knick knacks. It was like a section of Laguna Beach stuck in a random spot in central California.

bridgeRandom bridge.

randomtreesRandom trees overlooking the sea.

seagullviewSeagulls appreciate beauty just like humans.

straightawayThe first straight away in a very long time.

fogbushFog taking control of a few trees.

outthefogDriving out of the fog.

sunnyfogFog on one side, sun on the other. Perfect harmony.

nighttimedriveDriving into the night.

peaceoutsunPeace out sun!

Epic Waves At Trestles
August 30, 2009

The conditions were sooo good at Trestles last night. Perfect A frame waves. A few barrels here and there but it was epic.

Taken with my 3 year old cellphone from the parking lot. It looked like a Lion King sunset, except with cars, palm trees, streetlights, streets ,etc.