November 15, 2009

Yesterday was the first time I ever surfed Swanpool beach. It was uber offshore and the crowd factor was redic. There were no rules any more. People were dropping in on one another left and right.

curtains scosurfWhile I was working on my laptop I looked at the window. Thought the texture in the curtains would make a cool shot with some backlight.

gylly-mini-right scosurfWe left the house pretty early and checked Swanpool. It looked rank so we checked Gylly and saw this mini right but weren’t too keen.

blue-shades scosurfWe went to Jan’s afterwards. Had another opportunity to shoot another window. Sick shade of blue.

coasters scosurfJan’s girlfriend picked up some coasters with wicked illustrations on them.

sitting-bear scosurfIt really looks like the house of art students.

rain-drops-on-the-shield scosurfIt rained.

duckdiving-a-right scosurfWe went back to Swanpool to sesh it. It looked awesome for a Falmouth break.

splashography scosurfWe left because of the crowds. Here’s a splashing shot.

gylly-left scosurfHere’s a Gylly Reef left.

way-to-the-park scosurfWe booked tickets for 2012 which was an awesome movie. Since we had 2 hours to kill we went for a skate at the Maritime parking lot.

ben-swipe scosurfBen sliding out the tail.

down-the-shoe-view scosurfLong exposure down the shoe.

shoe-view scosurfShoe view with pop up flash.

firey-place-for-a-skateboard scosurfI set the camera to a 10 second exposure, set it on top of my board and pushed it down the lot. The world is a scary place for a skateboard

Mini Seshuan
November 8, 2009

Today we went hunting for some surf. It ended up settling for Praa. Ryan and I went in. Joe and Emma had a lovely day at the beach while Ben did a bit of photography.

carve british surf magazine scosurfBritish Surf Mags at Keith’s. Taken by Ryan.

secret-sauce scosurfSecret spot behind the bush.

rinsey scosurfRinsey looked alright but Ben wasn’t keen of the crowd factor.

volcom-sticker scosurfRyan had a million stickers in a box so Ben and I snagged a few.

all-right scosurfSome fun looking rights at Praa.

down-the-line scosurfDown the line. Taken by Ryan.

a-framers scosurfHead Dippers. Taken by Ryan.

tubings scosurfRyan getting shackled. Taken by Benji.

micro scosurfAnother pit in Ryan’s arsenal. Taken by Benji.

off-the-wall scosurfRyan going off the wall. Taken by Benji.

pwned scosurfI didn’t quite make that right… Taken by Benji.

owned scosurfRyan got smashed by this rogue. Taken by Benji.

pigdogging scosurfPigdogging isn’t my thing. Taken by Benji.

golden scosurfIt was a fun sesh. Golden sunsets for everybody on the south coast.

This is how I…
November 4, 2009

how-i-draw scosurfDraw. I bought to see if these Zebra pens to see if they were better than or the same quality as Asda pens. They suck.

how-i-hear scosurfHear. These are the third JVC Gummy headphones I’ve owned. They come in awesome colours and once they break, they’re fairly cheap to replace.

how-i-keep-warm scosurfKeep Warm. All three of those hoodies were freebies. P.S. I love my smoothskin.

Uneventful Day At Pporth
October 31, 2009

Ben, Joe and I went to Perranporth today. It looked alright from the cliffs and it actually was alright. Joe and I were barely getting waves because of the odd way the wave broke. Right when it seemed like it was going to throw over, the wave would just flatten out. By the end of the seshuan we were having some decent rides.

perranporth-swell-lines scosurfSwell lines.

the-stub-at-perranporth scosurf

I’ve been incredibly lucku with this thing for all my Cornish seshes on it. I’ve only lost it once where it went all the way to the beach, and that was right before we were about to leave. All the other times, either the wind blew it towards the line up or it drifted into my friends’ hands or when I did lose it, I was able to grab it before the next set came.

Godrevy Round Two
October 28, 2009

Keith and I seshed Godrevy this morning.

godrevy-carpark scosurfingThe waves weren’t as good as yesterday but it was still fun. If any of the Godrevy regulars: You know what happened to the last guy that dropped in on me?

single-fin scosurf thalia street surf shop sticker laguna beachQuick Tip: If you apply a vinyl sticker to your board, do wait the 48 hours before you hit the water.

Godrevy Sesh with Aside
October 28, 2009

Alex, Ross and I seshed Godrevy yesterday. It looks pretty good out when we got there.

single-fin scosurfMy single fin hopped along for the ride.

aside-studio scosurfAlex and Rossco from A-Side Studio.

restricted-zone scosurf godrevyApparently you’re not allowed to: Caption Contest!

down-the-line scosurf godrevyLooking down towards the River Mouth.

alex-aside-van scosurf godrevyStaying cozy in the batmobile.

lighthouse scosurf godrevyThe house of light.

big-wave scosurf godrevyAlex checking out the epic ripples.

bird-aerial scosurf godrevyA bird doing a frontside air reverse.

alex-aside scosurf godrevyPeeling. Taken by Alex.

October 14, 2009

Blue tack is fun stuff.

blue tack surfer scosurf sco surf miniatureIt would have been way to hard to get this guy getting pitted.

New Room Set Up
October 8, 2009

I changed the layout of my room a few days ago. News Flash: Rob is back on my door.

new room setup scosurf sco surfLegit.

floating rob scosurf sco surfThis poster freaks the beans out of my housemates and me every time.

Last Day In Cali
October 1, 2009

I didn’t even know that I was leaving on the 23rd. Some of my friend came by to say goodbye.

sco scosurf surf goingawayI knew it was going to be a mission to lug those three bags around London.

September 26, 2009

After buying the gato fin for Alex at Thalia, I’ve become really stoked on making a fin. Hopefully the shaping place in Kernow will allow me to steal some fiberglass and resin.

Gato Heroi Fin Surfing Thalia Surf Shop Laguna Beach California Scosurf Sco SurfFins look so much cooler when they aren’t polished.