December 5, 2009

Laura, Rob and I hit St. Agnes today. It was pretty epic. I had the best over the falls of my life on this wave that might have been a head and a half. It kinda felt like a roller coaster ride. The locals were loving The Stub.

The crowds were dense and undensified at a later time.

How can anyone resist taking pictures of oil on the ground?

Rob owns this contraption: a legit miniature surfboard(fiberglass foam, stringer and all) with trucks and wheels mounted on them. It’s pretty sickkk.

Nothing Lasts Forever
October 12, 2009

I was in my room after the skate sesh and I noticed a few battle wounds on my board.

nose wound scosurf sco surfNose wound. I knew I should have a put a metal bumper on that thing.

grip raise skateboard scosurf sco surfSome raised grip due to a smash fiberglass rail over weak ply.

rail wound skateboard scosurf sco surfSaigon grill…

tail wound skateboard scosurf sco surfThis was expected since I was doing popping some ollies and trying tres.