Work In Progress
November 24, 2009

Here’s Mitch taping his rails before hot coating.

Here’s the photograph.

The sketch{not traced}.

First coat of colour.

Some shading.

Stub No Longer On Hiatus
October 28, 2009

Since it’s been about a week since the fin repair sesh, I think I’ll take my good old Stub to Cornish waters this weekend.

stub-rewax scosurfThe “Cross Processing” can take a break.

Labor Day Chill Out
September 8, 2009

Today Amanda, Jenny, Kelly, Kris, Matt, Mitch, Stevo, Zack, and I went to Trestles for a relaxed Labor Day surf. The waves were really small and the onshore wind just killed it BUT we still had a brilliant time. Sure there were a few stubbed toes, broken noses and scraped fins but we had fun and that’s what it’s all about.

Friendly Line Up at Trestles

A very friendly line up.

Water Mark at Trestles CaliforniaWater marking.

Oneill Wetsuit Swallow Tail
I cut my 5 year old Oneill Psycho I in half. Added a swallow tail for some flair. Taken By Mitch.

finscrapeWhile cruising back to shore a rock stopped me abruptly. I thought my fin broke in half. I’m glad it didn’t.

Single Fin Nose DingI don’t even know when this happened…

Group Quiver Sco SurfWe brought quite a few boards over there.

Sco Surf Trestles GroupPost session chill out.

Zoomed In Group Quiver ShotZoomed in.

Pacific Coast Highway CaliforniaJenny, Yama and I ended up taking PCH back home since there was some traffic going north. Always a good route to take.

Hello KittyJenny’s Hello Kitty air freshener makes a great picture at times.

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Singe Fin Has an S Deck!
September 7, 2009

I was sitting in my living room and I just looked at my single fin and I realized it had an s deck. Best discovery of the day.

Sco Surf S Deck Single Fin SurfboardSo beautiful.

Evergrowing Quiver
September 7, 2009

Today when I went over to Mitch’s to pick up my wetsuit and board I looked in the garage and saw our group quiver. It’s pretty big now. There’s many varieties of surfboards(alaias, longboards, fishes, single fins, wooden boards, thrusters, quads, twinfins, etc). There’s also a huge variety in colour. Pretty mint.

Sco Surf Group QuiverWide shot.

Sco Surf Coloured RailsDifferent ends in different colours.

Quiver Update
August 31, 2009

Here’s everything in my quiver at the mo. I think I’m going to shape one more board then I’m done before I go back to England.

Last summer a guy at the Frog House asked me if I was only looking for blue boards. The answer still is yes. (4’6 Stub, 5’6 Peanut Alaia, 5’6.5 Thruster, 5’8 Single Fin, 7’0 Hullish, Enuff Skateboard, Mini board)

Alaia Building Continued
July 21, 2009

Here’s more pics of our construction:



Jumping On the Alaia Wagon
July 17, 2009

These days everybody is riding or making an Alaia so Mitch and I are gonna give it a go! Got the pine from Home Depot, made the templates on Illustrator, let the fun begin!




DSC_7810Tomorrow we’ll cut the boards out after our sesh, then I’m off to Vegas for the weekend.

My Current Quiver
July 13, 2009

Yes, it’s mandatory that all my boards have a significant amount of blue on them…

On the grass before you lies a 7.5in Enuff Deck with bits and bolts, 4’5 Twin Fin Stub(the one I made), 5’6 Thruster, and a 5’8 custom Single Fin made for me in Cornwall for doing the website for Freeriders Surf Shop.


It’s the colour of the ocean, why not?