Epic Stub Sesh at Towan
October 29, 2009

Took out my stubbie for a second Cornish time. Keith drove me to Porthtowan, Alex got there shortly after us. From the beach it looked like the waves were breaking super fast but when you got out there it was actually uber fun.

stub towan sco surf porthtowanRight or left?

wave in the sky sco surfCheck out that wave in the sky.


BUSC Comp In Nukes+Towan Seshuan
October 18, 2009

I went up to Newquay with Ben, Emma, Joe and Philip to watch Jan shred in the university surf comp. Jan got to the quarter finals.

to-newquay scosurf scosurfing sco surfWe were running a bit late so Joe had to cane it down the empty road. Not really.

nice-day-for-a-comp scosurfing sco surf scosurfIt looked a bit flat when we got there.

pre-game-talk scosurfing scosurf sco surfJoe giving Jan a pre heat talk.

cute-girl scosurfing scosurf sco surfThis little number was a fellow photographer.

billy-norways scosurfing sco surf scosurfBilly Norways was the talk of the town.

jan-kicking-butt scosurfing scosurf sco surfJan shredding Willip’s bro’s stick.

float scosurfing scosurf sco surfNice little float.

sit-back-relax and surf scosurfing sco surf scosurfSit back, relax and surf.

stoke scosurfing scosurf sco surfJan is stoked after his heat.

spray scosurfing scosurf sco surfA few hardcore spectators stand in  water covered sand.

funky-hair-do scosurfing scosurf sco surfFunky post heat hair.

willip scosurfing scosurf sco surfWillip sporting a double Reef jacket combo with Smith optics.

lifeguard scosurfing sco surf scosurfThe ones that guard life.

rolls scosurfing scosurf sco surfSome big ones roll in.

get-on-that scosurfing scosurf sco surf

dog-is-legend scosurfing scosurf sco surfSam from I Am Legend.

vertical scosurfing scosurf sco surfGoing Vertical.

aerial scosurfing scosurf sco surfHe can punt too. Stuck this but didn’t ride away.

retroman scosurfing scosurf sco surfRetro Surfer Man in Newquay, Cornwall.

ben's-girlfriend scosurfing scosurf sco surfBen’s girlfriend.

cool-boat scosurfing scosurf sco surfA boat strolled by to check out the comp.

newquay-bird scosurfing sco surf scosurfCool little Newqueian Bird.

old-school-steam-roller scosurfing scosurf sco surfJoe pointed out a super old school steam roller on the way to Towan.

towan scosurfing scosurf sco surfIt was fun but the rips made it a mishuan to get out back.