November 21, 2009

So I started painting a few sco ish things on some A4 sheets.

The set up.

A few drying on the floor.

Here’s one of the sco men.

A faint sco wave.

Sco script followed by the name.

The first sco man I painted.

Here’s the first water coloured sco man.

Representing Deep Blue Sack Dot Com.

My life consists of wanting a stache, photography, skateboarding, A4 paper, wooden tables, and white walls.

I practice cursive secretly in my spare time.

Sco man water colour with script below.

Sco man in a natural environment doing nothing but standing in place to lower his carbon footprint count.

Polystyrene aka Styrofoam is a great Canvas
August 27, 2009

For ballpoint pen that is. I was getting tired of loosing track of which cup was mine at my work so today I decided to label mine. That rollerball just glides on the styro surface. Maybe I should think about shaping an epoxy board so I can do a drawing on the foam blank once it’s shaped.

Sco Surf Styrofoam Cup
My inish.