SB at SB
October 2, 2009

If you’re ever bored in London, go to South Bank. Great Graffiti, great skating, great biking, and if you get super hungry, great food super close by.

South Bank Graffiti South Bank London UK Sco Surf ScosurfWith the exception of the ground, everything else is tagged and retagged eternally.

South Bank K Grind London UK Sco Surf ScosurfK grinds look extra special when out of focus and “cross processed”.

Final Graffiti South Bank London Sco Surf ScosurfFresh graph. Too bad this other guy covered it with a lesser quality one on the top right corner. Jerk…

unicycle south bank scosurf sco surf london uk england skateboardingThis unicycling grom was pretty good.

bikers bike south bank london uk scosurf sco surfThe  bikers are pretty mental.

kgrind sco surf scosurf south bank london ukHere’s a k grind in focus.