Third Try For L Town
October 1, 2009

My flight was  alright. Had the same exact vegan meal for the 6th time on Virgin Atlantic. They bumped up one of my fins but hey it could have worse right?

blue specs london sco scosurfThe blue specs on the ground of the underground trains intrigue me. The guy sitting across from me works for British Airways. They now allow boards 6’3 and under. Time to fight for boards over 6’3.

firstshot scosurf london uk englandFirst shot I took outside.

peace festival scosurf sco uk london englandThere was a Peace Festival going on.

national gallery london uk england sco scosurfThe National Gallery is still sick to this day.

london skyline sco scosurfA few classic landmarks.


Crossing the Pond and Now
September 30, 2009

Just got back in Falmouth. Time to start blogging again. Got loads of pics for you people!

Kernow Surfing
August 4, 2009

Pics from earlier this year. Kernow boys doing what they love best.