Blind Again
December 4, 2009

Benji’s back from Super Tubes. We went to Pporth for some surf. It was pretty gash and I forgot my contacts and Ben forgot his ear plugs. We looked at it for a while and I finally decided to go in for a few minutes just because I believe if you’re going to drive that far to surf, might as well get wet. Duckdiving in -50˚C water almost makes it not worth it.

A nice arcuate green bench to sit on while watching some gashness. I think I got like three super short rides. It was worth getting wet.

Oh yeah, got that new Machado traction pad.


This is how I…
November 4, 2009

how-i-draw scosurfDraw. I bought to see if these Zebra pens to see if they were better than or the same quality as Asda pens. They suck.

how-i-hear scosurfHear. These are the third JVC Gummy headphones I’ve owned. They come in awesome colours and once they break, they’re fairly cheap to replace.

how-i-keep-warm scosurfKeep Warm. All three of those hoodies were freebies. P.S. I love my smoothskin.

Original O’Neill Surf Shop
September 17, 2009

Mitch, Mike, Zack and I went to the original O’Neill Surf Shop.

first wetsuit vest original o'neill santa cruzThank you Jack for this kooky invention. The one above is the first one ever.

original beavertail oneill wetsuit vest santa cruzOne of the first beavertail vests.

original oneill surf shop santa cruz

Right on River street.