Deep Blue Sack Dot Come is Live!
November 9, 2009

I’ve been working on this website called Deep Blue Sack Dot Com since thursday. It’s the first site I’ve ever built from scratch. Still not 100% finished but I’m super stoked with it. Why did I call it Deep Blue Sack? Benji and I were in the living room and he saw a commercial that started with I’m a PC. So Ben said I’m a PC and he asked me what I was, during this whole time I was trying to imdb Deep Blue Sea to try to find out who the main actress was in the movie. I said I’m a Mac and when I looked down at my google search bar I realized that I typed Deep Blue Sac(Mac) instead of Deep Blue Sea. So if you’re bored, check out my site, if you’re not, check it out anyways.

deep_blue_sack_dot_com_picture scosurfIt was supposed to be a cursive S for sco. I turned it into a sailboat once I screwed that up.